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Quick 'Planet of the Dead' thoughts

So, ho hum, thoughts behind the cut.

It was okay. I liked "The Next Doctor" better.

I liked all of the characters ... EXCEPT Lady Christina. She was actually, erm, pretty much pointless. The Doctor could have easily got that crystal-bed another way, or without her there, the whole use of her thief-taking skills wouldn't have been necessary, so it wouldn't have been in a place like that. And she did absolutely nothing else worthwhile.

Yeah, she had a hammer/shovel, the priceless item she STOLE!!!, but again, plot mechanics that could have been worked around without her. As an actual character she provided nothing but an illegal Mary-Sue personality. She was pretty much an annoying, arrogant twit. And she was a thief. Yes, the Doctor stole the TARDIS, but different situation, etc. She's a criminal and a thief and she SHOULD have gone to jail. She robbed from a museum, a priceless historical artifact and clearly does this often ... for FUN!!!, that is not a good thing. It's wrong. Not just criminal, not just illegal, but WRONG!!! Ugh.

Bottom-line, I did not like her. At all. And I wanted to, I wanted her to wind up having redeeming qualities to make up for the stealing, and I liked her taking charge, but then, it was just too much. Like I said, she was a criminal Mary-Sue. Perfect at everything, and oh, that's right an immoral criminal to boot. And I was annoyed with the Doctor for letting her get away. Okay, I'll give, saying that he was imprisoning himself in the "Police Box" to the inspector *was* funny. Still, he should have told her, "no, you're a thief. I'm not traveling with you." Period. And it certainly shouldn't have been about emo; no, it should have been about the fact that her rich, aristocratic ass should be in jail!!!!

Without her, I think I would have enjoyed this so much more. Ah well. Nice Donna mention, and Malcolm was fabulous. But overall, Christina ruined the sheer fun of it for me. And I do normally like Michelle Ryan so it wasn't her, and even the flirting/kissing wasn't what bugged because I adored Astrid (just not the ending with the Doctor).

Oh, and about the kissing? Seriously, just unnecessary. I don't mind when it doesn't seem gratuitous and isn't just thrown in there to show off Tennant kissing a female, but this was completely gratuitous. Whatever. Rusty? Not happy with this one. It had its moments, but Christina done killed the overall goodness. I don't know maybe a different style of actress would have made her work for me, but for Ryan -- again, someone I *do* like -- it didn't work for me. She didn't work. At all.

But Malcolm was grand. Just fabulous. And I like the Captain too. She was cool. But Christina, bleh! And that ruined my overall appreciation for the episode and there are so few RTD episodes left.
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