Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Once again, 'Castle' = love

Seriously this show just gets better and better. I kid you not, I cried tonight. Not a major cry by any stretch of the imagination, but I got misty-eyed and then an actual tear leaked. FIVE. EPISODES. IN!! I'm that involved.

Things I loved (oh so many) about tonight's episode ...

- The laser tag thing with his daughter was adorable. I approve of how Castle spends his money. Thumbs up.

- Also adorable was Castle telling his daughter he would treasure her 'helping to figure out a piece of a grisly murder puzzle' moment with him.

- Things I learn from reading a TV-board I hate, but until I get mine up and running and active, where else am I gonna go? Castle's apartment is the same set as Mick's from Moonlight. And you know what that means? Jason Dohring and Nathan Fillion have worked on the EXACT SAME SET!!! Be still my fangirl-beating heart!!!

- Speaking of the apartment, loved Beckett's open-mouthed shock when she first saw it, and how the expression was gone once she turned to face Castle.

- I love Fillion and Katik's chemistry; it's awesome. Sexy, flirty, serious and gentle all when needed.

- Fabulous how Beckett did what she had to do in arresting the dad, and how she told Castle so.

- Excellent guest casting. Loved how Bill Smitrovich's character never said that he killed the husband, and with no evidence, they are sunk. They know it, and he knows it.

- I liked how we weren't banged over the head with the info about Beckett's backstory. It was hinted at, and broadly, but it wasn't in your face. And when Beckett revealed it to Castle, it was a legitimate moment ... and this would be when I teared up.

- Also loved how he said, "Until tomorrow," and she said, "why can't you just said 'good night?'" And he said -- so truthfully, as a writer myself -- "I'm a writer." And it's true, when a writer can say something in a "moment" with more weight and poetry, they will. They most definitely will. But then her reply, "Well, I'm a cop." Pause. "Night." Was perfect, especially because she didn't actually say "good night," but rather just "night." Oh, Beckett.

- Finally, Castle looking into Beckett's mom's past. Invasive, but showing also that he's beginning to see her as a person, rather than just as a muse, and a potential sexual partner (cuz you know he's totally thinking the latter).
Tags: castle, nathan fillion, tv

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