Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Doctor Who' series finale spoiler news

I call it the finale because as far as I'm concerned it IS the finale forever and ever of Doctor Who for me -- well, at least until Moffat is gone!

So John Simm (the Master -- oh, eolivet sorry!), Bernard Cribbins (Wilf!!!!!!!!!!) have been seen on set and now, Catherine Tate (the one and only Donna Noble!) was seen. So, that's all very cool and well. And I'm happy about the last two, now I'm just wondering how Billie's going to pop up because I just can not NOT believe that Rusty (and David!) are going to go out without Billie/Rose somehow part of the equation since that character basically *made* the Tenth Doctor and has been such a part of who he is, why he does the things he does, etc.

I am excited about the show, but the specials are just not engendering the same level of OMG!excitement because they are so far apart, plus I have Sheldon/Penny of The Big Bang Theory to obsess over, so that's helped. Still, I am looking foward to the special next week. And, of course, I work -- not this weekend, or the weekend after, but THE weekend of the special. Of course. Fortunately, I'm not AAAAHHHH! gung-ho about it. That might change after I watch it, though.
Tags: doctor who, tv

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