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Terminator continues to rock so frickin' much!!!

This show can NOT be canceled. It is so very, very good. The characters are so rich, so full of depth; the acting is superb. The story, the arcs are so intriguing. I have NO idea what is going on but I'm so utterly spellbound by watching the story unfold. Tonight's episode? Just another amazing one. This show keeps knocking 'em out.

- OHMYGOD!!! They killed Derek!!! Just shot him in the head about ten, fifteen minutes in! OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I so was not even remotely expecting that. Even knowing that Brian Austin Green got a role on the potential fall pickup, The Body Politic (with Jason Dohring), it honestly never crossed my mind that he was looking for other work because Derek was killed. I mean, sure, we can still see him in flashforwards, but it just never crossed my mind that Derek would die. I just figured, low ratings (sniffsniff) of this show, he was hedging his bets. It's been done before. And his death was so senseless, so just there, like if he'd been some extra in the scene, which made it that much more appalling and awful. Because that's what the Terminators do. OH. MY. GOD!

- I totally adore Savannah. She's not the best child actress, but there's something about her that's so wonderful. I just love her so much, partly that's because of the fact that like with all characters on this show, even at five/six years old, she's a very well-written character. I love her odd relationship with her "mother," with Ellison and, especially, with John Henry. And being shallow, I love her red, braided pig-tails. So cute!

- John Henry remains such a fascinating character. Garrett Dillahunt remains an awesome actor. And how chilling was the ending with all of that stuff happening over that innocuous, slightly naughty Irish song sung by John Henry, then John Henry and Savannah, and finally just Savannah singing over the burial (as it was) of Derek. Once again, this show uses music so very well in creating a mood.

- Ellison, a character I thought would be meh based on the first few episodes, continues to be the well-written, conflicted, religious man I began to love not long after those first few episodes. And Richard T. Jones is, like the rest of the cast, so very, very good.

- Speaking of Ellison, I continue to love how the show slips religious talk into the themes. It's quite brilliant, and unusual in this day and age.

- Damn, Sarah was arrested!!! I did not expect that. I figured that Ellison would likely be followed by the Detective dude, but I didn't think that Sarah would be the one caught in the mess.

- Not much Cameron, but the bits with her were awesome. Even a little Cameron is still pretty fabulous, especially when the rest of the show is so amazing.

I just love this show so much. Pretty, pretty please TV gods, do NOT make next week the last episode ever of this brilliant television show. It's way too good to die.
Tags: sarah conner chronicles, tv

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