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'Dancing with the Stars' -- good night overall

Well, tonight was an interesting one. Two couples rose highly in my estimation, while the rest pretty much stayed as is. Listing these in order of not just technique, but on the level of enjoyment I got out of the dance.

There were six tens given out and I think that only three were deserved. And let's start with those three that were deserved. The best routine of the night, no question, was Gilles and Cheryl. It was precise, technique was perfect, costumes fabulous, the style and tenor of the dance sold beautifully, the chemistry amazing. They completely sold that dance 100%. It FELT like an Argentinian Tango, which none of the others did. Anyone who's read my thoughts on DwTS knows that I am not a Cheryl fan, but tonight, she won me over. If they keep this up, they deseve to win. This was one of the best overall routines I've ever seen on the show. The 30 was well and truly deserved.

My second favorite routine, (shocking!) was Ty and Chelsie. He's still stiff a bit, and other times, a bit too loose, but he's so improved in leaps and bounds, it's amazing. I love their routines, I love them. I love her, I love him and I loved this dance. They had tricks and lifts in there, but they fit the dance, and felt like an organic part of it. As much as I loved it as a fan, though, I don't actually think the 9 was deserved. 8's across the board would have been fair, I think. But they overdo the ratings all the time.

Next duo, and they are the second couple to rise in my opinion, is Melissa and Tony. First of all, their little session before the dance was adorable ("you need to overstep more because you ..." "I know!") and then their dance was fun and flighty and fabulous. However, unlike with Ty and Chelsie's dance, I thought some of the lifts were not organic to the dance itself and a few of them were awkward, thus I don't think that the 10 was deserved. 9's and 8's would have been better.

Not surprisingly, my next faves are Chuck and Julianne. Admittedly, I did find the head trauma thing a bit much, but I blame that on the editors and Samantha for bringing it up again, because, hello!? way to manufacture stupid-ass-drama out of nothing, ugh. But, onto the dance. I thought it was really good; it was fun and flighty and cute. Yes, he still needs work, but I too think he has a shot if he just pushes himself and gets it. Whether he can or not remains to be seen, but I do think he has the potential.

I also really enjoyed David and Kym and thought the judges were completely unfair to them. I enjoyed their routine much more than two much higher scored ones. It was well done, choreographed well and I don't get what the judges have against David because I think he's one of the better natural dancers there without all of the training.

Oh, Holly (and Dmitry). I do like them, but that dance was kinda a hot mess. Sadly, I do think they're going home tomorrow and that bums me out because -- like with Chuck, but much less realized at this point ... but, he had a month more of training than Holly -- she has potential. There were some beautiful lines and extension and moves, and then there was lack of toe-pointing, and lack of confidence. She likely never will be a *great* dancer, but I do think she has potential to be much better, and frankly, I just plain like her.

Sigh, this one is interesting. On a technical level, it deserved that 10, but overall? No. Not at all. Technically, it was impressive. Lil Kim (and Derek) did a helluva job. Really, amazing. However, there was not ONE iota of heat or passion in that entire routine. NONE! It was as dry and passionless as a pail of white paint. There was nothing emotional to it. Len was right on target there. 9's across the board? I would have bought completely, because technically it was so sound, but a 10? Nope. Not with that complete lack of connection and emotion? No way.

Lawrence and Edyta continue to be kinda boring and just so-so, which is sad because I love Edyta so much and I want her to win. Still, SQUEE at seeing her and Alec. How did I not know before last week that they were married?!

Yawn. Seriously could Shawn and Mark's routine have been any more boring? And can Shawn's outfits get any more unflattering? (Tune in next week, we'll see!). It was trick after trick and the tricks were great, if completely (yes, that word again) inorganic with the dance. But the dancing itself? Not that fantastic. She did as good at actual dancing as Chuck and Ty. Just good. She was off a bit, lacked punch and sharpness. In fact, I could be wrong, but I think that overall, both Ty and Chuck danced better than did Shawn and THEIR tricks were organic to the dance. Tsk, tsk. At least they didn't get any 9's. Still, they *should* have gotten 7's all-around, if not a 6 in the mix.

Oy vey, Steve-O and Lacey's dance was an unexpected hot mess!! I've been fooled these last few weeks with his drama and injuries into believing that Steve-O isn't actually that bad of a dancer. I was wrong. He's terrible. And Lacey's (once again) SKANK-TASTIC! outfit did not help. I didn't like the choreography and Steve-O was just plain awful. He wasn't as bad as the other Steve, but he wasn't good by any stretch of imagination. I really hope he gets sent packing tomorrow.

And this one too. I'm actually amused by Steve and Karina, and had missed Karina's squeal of joy over their placement last week -- twas adorable!, but yeah, he's just so very bad. So. very. bad. But he's got the nerd vote and possibly some of them are hackers out there rigging his votes. We may be stuck with him longer - much longer -- but if all is fair, he and Steve-O will go tomorrow.

I'm not expecting it though. Going home? I'm thinking it will be Lacey/Steve-O and :sniff,sniff:: Holly/Dmitry. Ah well. But who knows? According to DialIdol -- which I never read right anyway, still can't find the damn raw data, LOL! -- the bottom three are the two Steves (yay!) and SOB!!NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Ty and Chelsie.
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