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'The Big Bang Theory' & quick HIMYM

Just quick on How I Met Your Mother, more on TBBT.

The Big Bang Theory -- I guess I'm in the minority on the S&P front with my fellow Moonpies. Most loved this episode and their interactions, not me. Sure, Sheldon wasn't taken in by Alicia, but he also was oblivious (more than normal) to Penny's upset and, also, Penny didn't seem like she liked Sheldon all that much which was really disappointing coming off of last week's episode. Plus, while the 'wow' mirrored Sheldon's 'oh my God' from "The Terminator DeCoupling," and Sheldon's "wow," from last week, it was still a little insulting and a shared moment with Leonard. Still, there was definitely some good stuff. Just overall, I was disappointed with the vibe of their scenes, when it's been a lot less, well, annoyed (from Penny's angle) and oblivious and annoying (from Sheldon's angle) lately. Oh well.

ETA: I will say that dresden_doll_01's picspam on this episode totally made me view it in a shippier light, so much, much appreciation to her! :)

Random things (including the S&P stuff I did like) ...

- The two single funniest moments in the episode to me were delivered separately by Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco, both due to their excellent delivery (although, Kaley's was non-vocal). Sheldon's "It's not." about change being good ... the delivery that Jim used was frickin' genius!!! Just the way he looked up, his voice softened like a child almost was hilarious. And then in the laundry room when Penny began to explain shields by using a Star Trek metaphor and then she stopped and looked away, her expression so agog ... man, it was perfect.

- The fact that Penny has figured out how to sorta deal with Sheldon's neurosis. The others coddle him and thus don't help. Penny deals with it, and then does something else. Notice how he stopped going on after she did her thing? Uh huh. Made for each other!

- Penny getting his order almost perfect and how they did it with him, quickly saying them, and her having them ready. See, made for each other.

- On the not so great end, I thought it was a over-the-top the way Penny was dressed in baggy pants/sweatshirt in the first scene as well. The hallway was fine because of the no laundry issue, but the first scene was overkill.

- Sorry, not trying to be catty, but not only was Penny WAY prettier and hotter (I don't float that way, but damn, Kaley Cuoco has a seriously awesome rack), but Alicia wasn't even really all that pretty, imo.

- Speaking of Alicia, you know it was really annoying when she was saying Penny was just like her because Penny NEVER uses the guys the way Alicia was, not even in the beginning. So I really liked how the show very simply showed (and not told) that Penny truly cares for the guys and isn't just using them. Good job.

- And this episode added yet more proof to my growing theory that the show has seen that L&P may not be the endgame after all (I think I'm going to write that post this weekend.) Seriously, Leonard acted pretty much exactly with Alicia as he had with Penny. EXACTLY!

- I love Jim Parsons and Sheldon, but that was a TERRIBLE! Admiral Ackbar impersonation. Just awful.

- "They're gone, Penny. They can't hear you." BWAH!

- OMG! Raj's "So I can take them both out with a number two pencil?" BWAH HAH!!!!

Overall good episode, not great, and again, I wasn't feeling the S&P vibe especially considering last week's episode and the number of scenes they shared tonight, but still ... it's The Big Bang Theory so it was still pretty dang awesome. LOVE. THIS. SHOW!

How I Met Your Mother -- Very funny episode tonight and the two-party voice message with Barney/Robin was deliciously couply. LOVED.

Damn, this block of CBS funny is so fantabulous!!!!
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