Arabian (arabian) wrote,

More thoughts (positve) on VM Finale (Spoilers)

I haven't checked the post below because I wanted to get this out before reading anything else here or at my board.

It was rushed, it was choppy, there wasn't the follow-through or connect that should have been there, etc. However, one thing that was made crystal clear by episode's end is that Veronica is over Duncan, Veronica wants to be with Logan, Logan wants to be with her, Logan is her hero, Veronica is his hero and they turned to one another and helped one another out in a time of crisis. Oh and Duncan is a murderer. He essentially handed to LoVe Shippers on a platter a banquet that said, "Here ya go! Logan and Veronica are it."

As many issues as I had with the finale, it still had some great stuff in it (I'm going to have a blast doing the Homeroom section for the LoVe Shack Breakdown if only because I'm going to be able to alternately point out all of the WTF? stuff alongside the mucho cool, awesome stuff.) and at the end of the day, I'm easy. No, I don't forgive him for this season and still find it subpar compared to last season, but at the end of the day and less than two hours after the episode ended, I wasn't frustrated, I wasn't annoyed, I just had a constant loop in my head of Logan dropping the bags, pulling her into his arms (shades of the The Kiss) and them spinning and kissing. It wasn't even conscious, it was just there on constant loop and made me smile. And that's what I'm holding onto at the end of the day.

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