Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Life on Mars' (US) Sam & Windy Clips

I believe we've likely seen the last of Windy (with only one episode left, I'm pretty sure), so I clipped all of the Sam and Windy scenes (not many, but so much fun to watch!!!) and here is a zipped link to them ... (No spoilers.)

Sam & Windy clipped scenes -- included are two edited montages -- one is Sam's flashback of Windy's moments as it happened on the show with just the insertion of the psychedelic fantasy that Sam had that included Windy; the other is that same montage with the cute nose tap, fantasy and to different music ... totaling a whopping 16 seconds!!! (Check it out below.)

A few notes about the duo that never was, but soooooooooo should have been ... First off, okay, admittedly, the fantasy is like 3 seconds long, but take my word for it that when the mobster chick and Annie (who he also fantasizes about writhing on top of him) are there, he's not smiling, he looks confused and in pain. With Windy? Even in his drugged-out fantasy, she makes him smile. Awww!

Seriously, they're dancing, they're flirting. She's cooking for him, having early morning conversations. She's wearing his shirt, he's drinking from her cup and back. He's fantasizing about her, she shows up to deliver words of wisdom. They're all sparkly and squee-worthy and sigh-worthy and just utterly adorable and awesome. Oh, show, why couldn't you have just cast Tanya Fischer as Annie, oh why, oh why, oh why not?!?!?!?!?!? Or rather, just drop the Sam/Annie angle and realize that in this version, Sam and Windy would have been the perfect pull.

Ah, Sam and Windy, I loved them so!

Tags: life on mars, sam/windy, tv

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