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'Life' and 'Life on Mars'

So I figured out why I'm not enjoying Life this season as much ... the only thing it now has that differentiates it from other procedurals is the off-center brilliance of Damian Lewis. Sadly, that's not enough. The cases are pedestrian, the one-liners/quips are more standardized that you'd find on just about any procedural and the arc-mystery is barely touched upon and when it is, it's kinda lame. Add to that, the loss of their cool lieutenant from last season, the sleazy (although, I do still love you, Donal Logue) new lieutenant, the entirely unbelievable Reese/new Lieut relationship, Reese separated because of Sarah Shahi's real life pregnancy, thus no Crews/Reese interaction -- although , I did like how they both while looking at the picture of each other with the William Atherton character dude and listening to the Zen saying listen to what you believe, not what you see, chose to believe in the other. Still, ... it's not the same show. *sigh*

As for Life on Mars ... oh, it was lovely, lovely, lovely seeing Windy again even if we were given more blinding proof that she's a figment of his imagination. But still, how frickin' adorable are Sam and Windy?!? That final scene with them, ooh, where he tapped her nose and then she just grinned and he smiled all warm and fuzzy and tender as he looked at her!!! Not to mention the lovely batch of flashbacks (I just wish they'd thrown in the psychedelic-trip sex too!) and it was just, oh, sigh........... Seriously, that last scene with them, those last few seconds had more warmth, and connection and chemistry and sheer SQUEE! than any Sam/Annie scene from the whole dang season.

And next week, series finale. Oh well. Sam and Annie kiss. :Yawn: I ♥ Windy. And Sam and Windy. And Tanya Fischer!! Man, if they only had cast her as Annie. *Sigh* I need to download all of the Windy episodes, clip all of the Sam and Windy scenes and then somehow make a music vid -- a short one admittedly, but I wanna try, because they are so dang wonderful and squee-worthy together.

Seriously, that little nose tap and matching grins! Worthy of a sigh and a squee!!!

ETA: Heh, I was reading my thoughts on the show in the past and I actually did think that O'Mara/Mol had chemistry in the first episode. Boy, that flew out of the window quickly because by the second episode I was all about Sam and Windy! LOL!
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