Arabian (arabian) wrote,

The Amazing Race

I'm sure I'll be in the minority re: the redheads on The Amazing Race, but

... it was PERFECTLY understandable their upset with their taxi driver. He left them and they were waiting for TWENTY MINUTES plus. Everyone else left their bags in their taxis, so it's not like they did something unusual or awful. The driver left them for a long time. Forget being tired, exhausted, hot, adrenaline-rushed, in a foreign country, imagine just yourself on a normal day, taking a taxi, telling him to wait while you popped in for something, came out and he was gone. You'd be REALLY pissed. This situation was a lot more, because their bags were there, they were on a race, he knew they were on a race. And he left them for twenty plus minutes to wait for him. Come on. The fact that Jaime only raised her voice a bit was understandable. Plus, I admit I did find her sarcastic "Did he go sight-seeing? Get a cup of coffee?" amusing and much less-nasty than some would have been considered he was being paid for that time while waiting for them. To go off and leave them was really unprofessional.

The being annoyed because an Indian in India didn't speak English at the roadblock was more than a bit much, though, I'll admit, but she said it (again) out of frustration and it's no excuse, but it wasn't awful or terrible. Still, I overall like the reds, but they're my second favorite team now because (like everyone else) I love Mel and Mike. All together now ... aww!!!!
Tags: the amazing race, tv

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