Arabian (arabian) wrote,

VM Finale (My Thoughts) SPOILERS

I'm assuming from what I've read already that most are going to love the finale. I hated it.

Seriously, I thought that this was the most knee-jerk, contrived, pulling plot points and denouments and whatnot out of Rob Thomas' ass the whole hour. Just because he was on the softball team, Veronica figures out he arranged the bus and all of that other stuff? What?!?! What if Woody had never touched him because of who he was? What the hell?

I don't care about Jackie. And Jackie and Wallace.

Everything was so aftermath-y. The plane exploding, cheap trick. Logan helping her on the roof was good and the apartment stuff was good, but they're just together now? No discussion of the last year of treating each other like shit? Or what happened with Kendall a few weeks ago? Just kiss and spin? Came the hell out of nowhere. And no reaction to KENDALL interrupting them? What the hell!??! I suppose I'm supposed to assume that the events on the roof led to this reconcilliation, but give me a fucking break!?!? After all of the stupid crap pulled this season, we don't even get one word. And is she lying to Keith again? She mentions having an (airquote) talk with Logan to Keith, so does he not know? Ugh. Just bad, bad, bad storytelling.

And another thing ... why was Logan apologizing when she came out for breakfast when he knew Keith was alive? Keith referenced finding Logan there, so he had to have known right? Or did he just let Logan sleep on the couch and not wake him? What?!?! Gah, my head hurts.

Maybe a second watch will make it look better. I don't know. The throwbacks to the season premiere was cool -- Kendall saying "young love" is the same thing Logan said to Veronica. Obviously the shot on the couch with LoVe, positions reversed. Logan holding Veronica on the roof was similar to the buscrash with Veronica and Duncan. The boyfriend tease in the dream. And there were probably more.

I just, I was just so underwhelmed. Nothing was earned. And it frustrates the hell out of me. I expect better. I didn't get it.

I did get 2 out of my 3 wishes -- a present-day L/V kiss, somthing potential cooking with Keith and Kendall, but no Wallace, Mac, Logan, Veronica shot of some kind at the grad, oh well, that was my least wanted of the three. And of course, I'm enough of a shipper that screw logic and shitty mechanics of it, I adored the kiss, the spininng. I love, love, love the spinning. And yeah, I like that Duncan was made a murderer and I think having Duncan sleep with her after she was raped made Duncan look even worse, because there had to have been evidence that she'd just had sexual intercourse with someone else (forced or not).

I don't know. Maybe I did expect more and that's why I was so disappointed, but I think, honestly, that it just sucked.

Except for the kissing. I liked the kissing.

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