Arabian (arabian) wrote,

My crack theory about the final episode of RTD's 'Who'

I just had what I hope is a completely cracked out theory that has no chance of actually happening about the last Who special based on the latest spoiler, but ties into bunches of other rumors about what's to come ...

So shooting pictures just appeared of Jessica Hynes (who played Joan Redfern in Human Nature/Family of Blood, Series 3) doing booksignings of The Journal of Impossible Things, and I was just like, uhm, okay. But then, my brain jumped to this crack idea!!! What if ... EEK! What if we're going to find out in the last RTD episode that Jessica Hynes is playing a writer who thought the Doctor was an urban legend and decided to write a novel about him and his adventures. Which would make the Time War, Nine, Ten, Rose, Martha, Jack, Donna, etc. all be the figment of this person's imagination!!!! And then there's either no regeneration, or we see Eight regenerate into a whole new Nine. This would tie into (I think) ALL of the rumors we've heard.

- Paul McGann is supposed to make an appearance in one of the specials.
- Moffat doesn't want the Time War to have happened.
- The Time War not happening, thus Nine and Ten regenerations don't happen.
- A different-looking TARDIS.
- Rose showing up (despite the events of Journey's End).
- Donna showing up (despite the events of Journey's End).
- The Master showing up (despite the events of The Last of the Time Lords).

On one hand, it would be great knowing that this way Moffat COULD NEVER TOUCH anything that RTD created. It also means that any future River Song is completely nil and void since she was a figment of imagination too (or the result of indigestion, you pick). On the other hand, it means that Nine and Ten never existed. Rose and Donna never existed. The Doctor and Rose's great, beautiful love story never happened. And that Rose and TenII aren't happy, in love and together in the alternate universe because ... it never happened. Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant's Doctors would no longer exist in canon. Period.

WAH!!! As much as I don't want Moffat touching anything of RTD's vision, I doubt he'd go near much of any of it anyway. So, I don't want this, I want Rose and the Doctor to still have their separate, can't be touched, beautiful hopeful ending. And, and, and ... Eccleston and Tennant's briliant Doctor's still be canon!!! So, so, soooooooo saner, more-experienced Who fans talk me down!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose, donna noble, rose tyler, russell t davies, tv

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