Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Happy Go Lucky' Epic LoVe Thoughts

Here are my thoughts on the lone Logan/Veronica scene in Happy Go Lucky.

Scene One: Ain't Epic Love Grand?

Before I get to the actual content of the scene itself which lends to some possible hope, I'm first going to detail exactly why many were so very, very disappointed and get that out of the way. The disappointment stemmed from what was NOT featured. Other than Veronica's "Ain't epic love grand?" voiceover and tension in look-a-ways towards the end, there was no follow-up at all to what happened in the last couple of scenes of the last episode (Logan's semi-declaration of love, Veronica's running away and then coming back the next morning, and just as she copped to willing to give it a go, Kendall's appearance). None of that was referenced, which was pretty dang frustrating on its own.

Even more frustrating was that despite the fact that earlier in the episode, Veronica was one of the students involved in a shoot-out and her best friend was actually shot and would be dead were it not for the non-usage of bullets in the shooting. Was there even a nod or recognition to this occurrence? Nope. Oh and then there was the fact that they were both currently attending the murder trial against his father for killing his ex-girlfriend, this ex-girlfriend's best friend. Sure, Veronica mentioned the "murder trial," but it was fairly sarcastic and held about zero emotional content. And let's not forget the fact that the gripping testimony of Veronica revealed that she had an STD from boy wonder ... which was also completely ignored. Absolutely no follow-up, no reaction, nothing. Nada. Zip.

Another thing missing from this scene -- and it was considered missing because many viewers were convinced it would happen -- was Logan showing any sign that OMIGOD! Veronica actually made it clear that she has feelings for him. There have been a few counter-arguments to the "It was out of character" commentary and I'm inclined to buy them (I admit, because I simply want to). However, I can believe that Logan realized the combination of his actions the last year -- admittedly many don't see said actions in the same light as Rob Thomas, thus Veronica and Logan, but we'll go with how we're supposed to think he's a bad, bad boy in need of redemption (rolls eyes) -- plus the drinking, the 'I don't do bimbos anymore,' flash forward to next morning, oh, look! A bimbo! may have put him in the mindset that he really had screwed up completely this time.

When those elevator doors closed on her tears, he may have perceived it as a symbol of the end of their relationship once and for all and by pushing her, he would just be hurting her even more. I can buy that. So I'm willing to let that missing piece go mostly unchallenged. The lack of follow-through for the events in the last episode, the shooting, the trial, Veronica's STD testimony -- not so much. No. Just no.

Ahem, now moving along to analysis of the actual content. Uhm, Logan leaned prettily. Par for the course. Both Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring did the nervous, simmering tension very well. Again, par for the course. Not much was said, the information about Lucky was interesting, I guess. However, considering that many viewers were anxiously awaiting the first interaction between Logan and Veronica after the last episode and had been waiting THIRTY-FIVE MINUTES into this episode for it, frankly, anything interesting that had nothing to do with Logan and Veronica and their relationship in a scene featuring Logan and Veronica at this juncture ... just wasn't that interesting!

Still, as always, we must make do with what we were given. So yes, there was the tension. And Veronica's "Ain't epic love grand?" was nice (despite the sarcastic bent which understandably would leave one to believe that she didn't think their relationship had the "epic" or the "love"). It was still nice simply because Veronica's sarcasm in regards to Logan often is the opposite of what she truly feels. Also, her mentioning it certainly implied that, after a week, she still had what he said on her mind. That's a good thing.

One more positive note that can be found was that while many expected Veronica to go back into uberbitch mode when dealing with Logan, that didn't happen. She wasn't judgmental, she wasn't nasty; there were no sarcastic quips. It was almost as if she realized after that spurt of bitterness in the hallway ("Stop") that HER running away was what put the closure on the relationship for him. And so therefore, she had no right (not reason, mind you) to be jealous, to be angry.

Naturally, this may all go to hell in a hand basket in the next episode, but it would be nice to think -- even for a short period -- that Veronica actually grew up! in regards to Logan and her unfair treatment of him. She can't break his heart over and over again and expect him to keep handing it back to her on an open platter. Maybe she made this realization.

And as depressing as the idea is that both felt they've reached closure, I'm not depressed because I don't believe the relationship really has. Simply put, Logan needs to stop being so hurt at what Veronica does and not just take it and instead confront her without presenting himself as the whipping boy. Likewise, Veronica needs to stop being so angry at Logan and running away in retaliation and instead discuss it with him and give him a chance to tell his side of the story. And maybe, just maybe (even subconsciously) they both realized that that. So, perhaps the place of closure they’ve come to is the one of hurting and anger and now instead of looking into the past, they can move into the future.

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