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Monday Night CBS of WIN!!!

I love these two shows so much, there are no words. None at all. Well, okay, probably quite a bit of a ramble under the cut, but I haven't written it yet, so who knows how long (or short) I'll go tonight. I'm thinking not too bad personally.

The Big Bang Theory -- or what is becoming known in my house (and apparently the show's writers based on quite a few episodes this season) "The Awesome Sheldon & Penny Half-Hour of Awesome Hilarity!" (Yes, that's two "awesomes.")

- "Despite my deep love of chess, lasers and aerosol disinfectant ..." Ah, only Sheldon. Only Sheldon would include the latter in that list.

- "Penny has a 'don't knock before eleven-o'clock or I punch you in the throat' rule." Ah, more proof that Sheldon and Penny are meant to be!! Penny has obscure, only-Penny, specific rules that you'd only know and care to follow if you wanted Penny in your life (much like all of Sheldon's rules). See!?!?

- Hee, loved Sheldon looking so intently at his watch before he knocked. He respects her rules because he expects others to respect his rules. It *is* a two-way street. And, seriously, I *never* get tired of the {{knockknock}} "Penny!" {{knockknock}} "Penny!" {{knockknock}} "Penny!"

- I love how Penny was so excited to share with him her project! She sounded just as excited as he does when sharing his love of stuff with her. All together now ... aww!!!

- Kaley looked GORGEOUS in that yellow top/hairstyle. The bottoms were okay, but the hair and top more than made up for it. Just gorgeous.

- Ahhhh! Penny casually touched Sheldon on the arm ... and he didn't even react, let alone flinch. Uh huh.

Okay, I realized that I'd likely drive people insane (if they even read it), let alone this would take forever were I to comment on EVERYTHING I loved in this episode, so to quote Inigo Montoya ... "No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

Sheldon and Penny FTW! These two are just absolute gold together. And I just can't see how anyone can watch episodes like this one and not see how perfect they are for one another. Penny has already in small ways opened Sheldon up, taught him to unbend a bit (for goodness' sake, he gave in and drank the coffee with just a look and offering from her!!). While Penny puts up with Sheldon's idiosynacrasies and unlike the others in his life (other than his mother), knows how to handle them and shut them down when he needs shutting down. They are in rhythm and in synch. They push and pull each other, but yet can work beautifully as a team. Plus, Kaley Kuoco and Jim Parsons just have damn fine chemistry. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

Oh, okay, wait, a few more quick comments thought ....

- Sheldon and Penny singing! Sheldon and Penny singing together!! Sheldon and Penny singing together perfectly in synch!!! And then looking up and saying "hello" in perfect unison together as well. HAH! LOVED. SO. MUCH!!!!

- I loved how Penny said to Sheldon while they were sitting on the couch in his apartment: "Honey, do you want some coffee?" Do NOT tell me that one didn't sound totally couple-like!!

Also, not much Leonard, Howard or Raj in this episode, but the bits we got with them were great. The quips, the lines, the friendship, there is just so much win in this show. I'm so glad I started watching it; it's my favorite show on TV right now. It never disappoints.

How I Met Your Mother -- Seriously, why are so many people complaining about how dare Lily* not feature Barney in her "porch front" futures? I'm like, hello?!, Robin wasn't in any of them until the one specifically about her. And Robin is her best friend, so it was not dissing on Barney. Sheesh! If you want to bitch about the show, complain about the icky Robin/Ted scene at the end. {{squick}} Still, it clearly is still open between them. The stuff in "Benefits" showed that true enough, and Ted and Robin's reactions both to finding out that Lily had a hand in their break-up also showed that. There is still unfinished business there.

Honestly, I think that while Ted and Robin's heads have accepted that they just will not work long-term, their hearts haven't quite gotten there yet because {gulp} they do love one another, and they did have a good thing going when you take out the long-term aspect. So that DOES need to be dealt with before we can get to Barney and Robin. So it was squicky and icky from a BrOtp point of view, but it made sense. And, I trust this show.

Speaking of ... I liked Barney's little bit with Marshall about marriage which some saw as out of character. I didn't see it so at all. Barney may make fun of marriage and relationships, but that's based on every other marriage and relationship *other than Marshall and Lily's.* He has theirs up on pedestal, and also, his talking about was very much like a kid talking to his dad about what things would be like, etc. Yet, there was a little bit of real character depth there (not liking who he is), but that's par for this show, they hit you with the little stuff.

Yes, Barney is awesome and all that stuff, BUT, he is more than the suits and sex. We've seen that time and time and again, and you know, based on the history we do know of him, that who he is on a shallow, sexist basis, is NOT who he ever thought he would be. And he knows somewhere deep inside that, yes, he CAN still be awesome and spectacular, and still not be a shallow, sexist douche. He just needs to find that balance. Thus part of his fear with regards to Robin ... he's afraid that his love for her will (a) take away the awesome -- which, seriously not possible because Barney is awesome, Robin is awesome, so naturally Barney and Robin would be doubly awesome together, and (b) wind up breaking his heart into a million pieces like Shannon did.

In other news ... poor Robin!! Had like THE most awesome show ever and no one paid attention. Still, for us, that was frickin' hilarious!! Putting out fires, giving CPR, delivering babies, all in an (early) morning's work, hah!

* Damn you, Veronica Mars!! To this day, I still always want to spell 'Lily' with two l's. Grrr.
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