Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Castle ... ep two, and the love affair continues

Once again, another thoroughly enjoyable episode of Castle. Man, I hope the ratings fall isn't too drastic and that this has a chance. I really enjoy it.

Just some random comments ...

- I'm finding that I like Beckett (and Stana Katik's performance) even more. There's a steely strength about her, paired with a believable smarts. I like her lots. And Katik has a great sense of comic timing. Her "duh" was just perfect! Perfectly timed, perfectly delivered.

- Nathan Fillion continues to be too adorable for words.

- There were a lot of little sublte moments in this one again too. It's a shallow, broad romantic dramedy/mystery on the surface, but there are these little moments that just make these characters feel more real. It's nothing in your face, it's natural. It feels like everyone (except for his daughter) is wearing a mask now and only infrequently do we get to see behind that mask. It's nicely done.

- Hee! Castle referenced One Life to Live as inspiring his first novel. OLTL is the soap opera that Fillion was on (and he was mighty good on that, if I do say so).

- I thought out thinking that again the mysteries weren't really anything but background noise to hang the character/relationship stuff on (as I said last week, much like Moonlighting -- and on that note, that may be partly why I love this so much. This show's is Moonlighting's heir apparent like no other show I've seen. It has the same sass and smarts, opposites attract, but with that connection that let you know that underneath they're a lot more alike than you'd suspect, heart and subtle play). Anyhoo. I was thinking the same thing about the mystery this time around, when lo and behold, I was surprised both times by who the killer was NOT! Good job, show.

- It was great how Castle just started talking about the neighbors, and then zeroed in on 8B and then weaving this story about him. Then at the end, the police chief wanting them to check out who's in that apartment, hee!

- All in all, again, I just really, really ENJOY this show. It's fun and quirky and silly and fluffy and Fillion and Katic sure do have chemistry.
Tags: castle, nathan fillion, tv

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