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WTH!? 'Hancock' was the BRILLIANT!!!!

Sometimes, I seriously do not understand critics and other movie-going public members. Although I'm a Will Smith fan, I held off on watching Hancock until now even though it came out last summer. I did so because I heard nothing good about it from critics, friends, random moviegoers, pretty much everyone, you know. I know there were a handful of good reviews, but overall, I just heard nothing but stink about the film despite the box office. And even most of the good reviews didn't seem to quite get it. A few did which is appreciated. As for me, well, I just finished it and ...

This was the best movie I've seen in a while. It was AMAZING! It was a psychological action movie with incredible characters and acting, two beautiful love stories and a back story that evokes the best of Greek mythology. Yes, it had action and humor -- Will Smith summer movie, hello?, but it also had poignancy and pathos, sacrifice and heart, and one of the most beautifully bittersweet endings I've ever seen. I literally was crying the last fifteen minutes.

Everything wound up tying together so perfectly, everything that happened made sense in light of the facts we were presented with throughout the film. There were no loose ends, we understood exactly why every single character did what they did throughout the entire film. We understood and appreciated the tough choices. We mourned the bonds of love that could never be for Hancock and Mary for there to be that one last insurance policy for the world, all the while rejoicing at the happiness that Mary and Ray (and Aaron) could have.

Will Smith, although a bona fide movie action star, is, of course, a brilliant actor, and he was matched perfectly by Jason Bateman as Ray and Charlize Theron as Mary. This was the truest love triangle I've ever seen because I understood, accepted and believed the love on all three parties' parts. There was no wrong in their actions, there was just fate ... and love. All of this, just every moment, was perfection. I loved, loved, loved, loved this movie ... and was not shocked at all! to find that one of the scripts co-writers was Vince Gilligan of The X-Files fame.

Brava!! I will be buying this movie ASAP! **LOVE**
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