Arabian (arabian) wrote,

*Sigh* The 11th Doctor's companion?

Of course, this could be completely bogus, but if true ... wow, just no words about what Moffat is likely to do. Man, no words.

Hannah Murray, better know as Cassie from Skins.

Here's what the article by Dan Wooton had to say about her:

"I've been told who's about to come Doctor Who's new sidekick. Yep, Matt Smith can look forward to the fine and beautiful Hannah Murray - you know, Cassie from Skins. They look like quite a cute couple, don't ya think? Han's been in secret chats but my BBC insider said: 'Hannah did some challenging stuff in Skins and they see her as an up-and-comer. The Beeb want to keep this ultra secret.' I won't tell a soul ..."

Sigh, if THIS is the case -- and considering it's from the newspaper "News of the World," I'm not even remotely taking it as gospel -- I have a feeling that Moffat's going to try to recreate the arc-spanning Doctor/Rose love story with the 11th Doctor and a character (presumably with a R-name) that's SO MUCH BETTER than Rose could ever be. (And, of course will -- per Moffat's style -- spit all over Rose and the Doctor/Rose love story.) But it won't be organic, or believable, or just the perfect subtle touch of the show, but rather Moffat's idea of "romance." And, UGH!, that's NOT Doctor Who. Oy, this may truly turn out to be a case of Moffat-fanboys? Be careful what you wish for.
Tags: doctor who, tv

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