Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Reality TV tonight ...

Quick Idol thoughts, and not so quick Top Chef ones.

American Idol a.k.a. American Suck

What the hell!?!? That's two weeks in a row of CRAP! Utter, utter crap. Seriously, what the hell!?!?!? Gah! I want to be blown away musically. Hasn't happened yet, or even come close. Honestly, the ONLY performance I enjoyed was Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell's but he's not going to make it through. Of course. But their second favorite pimp boy, Adam Lambert -- you know the one who eye-boinked the camera/screamed his way through "Satisfaction" -- will most definitely.

Gah! SUCK! SUCK! SUCK!!!!!

Top Chef

Once again, FUCKING CASEY!!!!!!!!! Gah!!!!!!!!! Yes, yes, Carla shouldn't have listened to her, BUT, this is the final, she's nervous as hell, Casey's been there, and so Carla listened to her. She shouldn't have, she soooooooooo shouldn't have, but Casey's fucking ass should NOT have even offered fucking suggestions that changed Carla's meal!!! She shouldn't have told Carla to cook a way Carla's never done, and then when Carla said she'd never done it, not say 'ooh, it's easy!'

DAMN YOU, CASEY!!!!!!! You made Carla cry. Casey had her chance and she fucked up, she had no right, no business coming in there and trying to take control. Yes, yes, Carla shouldn't have listened, but I understand why she did. And because she listened to stupid-ass Casey, she lost. Period. Listening to Casey lost her the competition.

As for Hosea winning ... in retrospect, it's obvious now. That's why we kept getting Hosea as the underdog to Stefan, that's why we got Stefan's overconfidence the last few weeks, it was all about making Hosea the underdog beating the big bad Stefan. Ugh! Whatever. At least Stefan owned up to his assiness, unlike Hosea who clearly doesn't realize he's an ass, even though he is. UGH! UGH! UGH!!! You know, as much as I love Top Chef -- and I do!! -- it's really sad that in five years -- FIVE YEARS!! -- only two of the five who have won were (a) likable and (b) truly appeared to be deserving of winning. (I'm talking of TC1 with Harold and TC4 with Stephanie.)

Finally, the lovely Carla again. I hate that she was crying, I hated it, but I'm glad that she did at least realize that even though she didn't win, she DID do one of the things she wanted to which was compete with love. She didn't throw anybody under the bus, she wasn't profane, she wasn't a bitch, she was never unkind or nasty. She was always positive and sweet and love. She was just love. Oh, Carla. If you don't win that fan favorite, I think Top Chef will be dead to me. (But she'll win it, she'll TOTALLY win it.)

Oh, Carla.
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