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Hugh Jackman = Sex? Y/y?

I'm doing a catch-up on the Oscars, will edit as I watch it throughout the night ...

- Love Hugh Jackman!

- The opening musical number was fantastic! LOVED the shout-out to Sarah Jessica as his friend, because of the Tonys gag with her a few years back. Ooh, now I really want to see Hugh and Anne Hathaway in a romantic film together because DAYUM they had chemistry!

- My favorite jokes in the pre and post musical number were:
... "I'm an Australian, playing an Australian, in a movie called Australia. Hosting."
...Re: Brad/Angelina, "I don't have a joke, I'm contracturally obligated to mention you five times."

- I really like how they're having respected actors talk about the nominated performances because even though losing will suck, I can't imagine that for some (if not most) of them, hearing such praise from actors they likely respect on an international forum is pretty damn awesome.

- Alas, I did NOT think much of the second-big musical number. Ah well. Yes, musicals are back, and yes, all involved did well, but this is the Oscars, not the Tonys.

- I'm glad Heath Ledger won, simply because his performance WAS Oscar-worthy and absolutely brilliant.

- Just ... Hugh Jackman is really, really, really gorgeous. REALLY GORGEOUS! I think he wins my personal award for best-looking in tux celebrity ever.

- I can only wonder if Nicholson isn't there, because the clearly over-the-top allotted number of reaction shots that are generally reserved for Nicholson are going to Brad. Yes, he's getting a lot because of TCOBB, but he's gotten reaction shots left and right for non-TCOBB things. For example, in the 'we care!' audience shots during Heath Ledger's family speech, we got a solo Brad reaction, and a Brad and Angelina reaction. So, yeah, I'm just wondering if Brad is the new Jack in terms of Oscar reaction shots.

- I just love him so. Loved "Outstounding. Outstounding? Boom, goes the dynamite." And then "Yes, they still have me out here. {Pause} Hugh is napping." Hee! Will Smith is awesome. I could see him hosting this someday.

- I'm so glad that A.R. Rachman (I think that's how it's spelt) won for Slumdog Millionaire score because that score was FABULOUS and really helped make that film as wonderful as it was.

- Squee!! John Legend!! I love him. He's so dreamy!!!

- You know, I had agreed in theory that it was ridiculous to not have the full nominated songs, but have that whole musical number, but now? While I do think that the musical number COULD have been a lot better, I actually do agree with the decision to have a montage of the nominated songs simply because in the past, unless I LOVED the song, it dragged and slowed the Oscars down. Songs, generally, get nominated because of what they do/bring to the film and without that film experience there to amplify it, it does lose some of it. So I actually like doing it this way because it gets across that movie feeling -- which it should -- as opposed to just being the song. Does that make sense?

- Ooh, I really hope that "O Saya" by Rachman and M.I.A. wins. I LOVE that song and it MADE that opening scene so magnificently ... listening as I type this ... and, aww, it didn't win. ::Sniff:: The other SM song one, still a great one, but I adore "O Saya" and I think it really set up the exhilarating feel of the whole film. Oh well.

- Erm, did I miss it or was Heath Ledger's name NOT in the "In Memoriam?" I know that most watching likely know he's passed, but still ... kalaidascopeeyepointed out that Ledger was in that last year, okay. My bad.

- Speaking of "In Memoriam," Queen Latifah has such a beautiful voice.

- Okay, so is it just me in my non-worshipping-Reese-Witherspoon-ways or did her eye makeup look god-awful?

- See?!?! These famed, celebrated actors talking about the nominees is awesome! I just love it. Anne Hathaway's reaction when Shirley MacLaine was talking to her is going to go a long way to making up for the fact that she didn't win. She may not have taken the gold home (as others don't in every category), but she has THIS wonderful, shining moment (as do other who don't win). I think this is a glorious idea, I really, truly love it.

- Oh, and, I agree with Shirley, Anne Hathaway does have a lovely singing voice.

- Okay, so back to my point above, it does help when there seems actual sincerity behind the praise (coughcough*SophiaNicole*coughcough). I mean, people, you're actors! Some of you can do much better than that. (coughcough*Nicole*coughcough)

- I'm really rather hating Angelina's green earrings and ring. Are those emeralds? Really, big, expensive emeralds? I don't care. Their gaudy and ostentatious and ugly.

- Dude, I think Angelina seriously told Brad to stand up after Kate Winslet won.

- HEE! I love Kate Winslet!! Yay, she won, she won, she won, she won, she won!!!!!! I know it was expected at this point, but damnit! She deserves it!! She is one of the most amazing, talented, thrilling actresses who always gives EVERYTHING of herself heart and soul onscreen. She's never less than. EVER. She deserves this. She totally, absolutely, completely does. (Now, if only Ralph Fiennes and Leonardo DiCaprio would win Oscars, I'd stop bitching about the Academy so much. Especially Ralph Fiennes, who for some unknown reason is not even getting the frickin' nominations anymore!!!!!!!) Okay, back to Kate ...

I LOVED when her dad whistled!! HAH!!! And her waving to him!! HEE!! Loved the "serious" part of her speech and then, acknowledging her fellow nominees, these "goddesses" and "I think we all can't believe that we're in a category with Meryl Streep at all." And Angelina and Anne Hathaway's reaction were great. Then, "I'm sorry, Meryl, but you just have to suck that up." ROTL!!! I lurve Kate Winslet (confession time, I don't like her hairstyle tonight though.) Sigh, and then that final "Thank you to the Academy. SO MUCH! Wow." I'm so happy for her. YAY!!!!

- What?! No Tom Hanks!!!

- Okay, alright, seriously? If they were going to have Michael Douglas say that all other versions of Nixon fall to the wayside for Frank Langella, uhm, could they have NOT picked Anthony Hopkins (love him!) as one of the five offering praise since, you know, he played Nixon in a film called Nixon!?!? Come on, people. Come! ON!

- WAIT! I take it back, I don't care. Anthony Hopkins is TOTALLY going to do Brad Pitt's praise and you know they totally have a cross-generational bromance thing. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Aww, Angelina looked so giddy and proud.

- Man, speaking of Brad Pitt ... after I posted that bit above about the camera going to him constantly? The camera stopped going to him constantly. So I guess he doesn't get the Jack Nicholson spot.

- YAY! Sean Penn won. I really thought Mickey Rourke was going to win, but Sean Penn did. Yay!! He's such a brilliant, amazing actor. AWESOME!!!!

- I really liked how they interspersed footage of past Oscar winners fitting the dialogue of the current nominations. That was cool. Interesting, though, I couldn't help but notice that we saw Ralph Fiennes in the current nomination The Reader, in the past nomination Schindler's List and in the section earlier on the screenwriting from In Bruges. So CLEARLY, he's not off of Oscar's radar, so ... WHY THE HELL IS HE NOT GETTING THE NOMINATIONS AND WHERE IN ZEUS' BUTTHOLE IS HIS FRIGGIN' OSCAR!!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!??!?


- Yay!! I'm so happy that Slumdog Millionaire won. It was just such a hopeful, beautiful, infectiously fun, warm-hearted film. I loved it. And, ooh that young actor is so frickin' adorable!!! He deserved that close-up. I loved him in the movie.

- Erm, that thing over the credits? It was cool seeing upcoming movies and all, but also really annoying because you know those movies got that extra push based on how much cash their studios were willing to dole out and it just seemed unfair promotion, because the little indies can't afford that kind of stuff. Oh welol, RDJ and Ewan MacGregor looked hot.

- Hugh Jackman is REALLY good-looking. Seriously, every time he came out or left the stage, I commented on how good-looking he is because I was struck anew each time at how awesomely good-looking he is. DAMN!

I liked the first musical number a lot. Not so much the second. I liked the best song nomination montage a lot, and the Queen Latifah song. I thought that the opening spiel was mostly funny and well-done, yay, Hugh! On the nominations, I was glad to see wins spread across the board, so even though the expected Kate Winslet and SM won, the whole evening wasn't a big yawn-fest of 'of course.' So, good job overall.

And Hugh Jackman is really good-looking.
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