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Long and Winding Thoughts on 'A Trip to the Dentist'

First the good -- My favorite part of the episode was when Logan held out his hand for Veronica and she put her hand in his and their fingers entwined. Awww. I just loved that. You could tell that Veronica wasn't expecting it, but when it happened it just made my heart skip. I also adored the whole telling Dick to evaporate and to the rest of the party if they didn't accept his girlfriend. And then after Veronica found out about Madison and we saw Logan go up to her (after Duncan beat up his car), grabbed her hands all the way to him giving her the final kiss and her happily falling down on the bed (minus the flashback stuff) was just wonderful. I just loved the lighthearted joy of it. Just wonderful.

Kristen Bell was amazing. The little things were what I loved. As has been mentioned that little look when Beaver said that Logan left early was so subtly, wonderfully done. She had to convey so much, go through so many different emotions and she delivered them all so effortlessly.

Harry Hamlin was great in his small scenes and I do believe that he DID abuse Logan based on the acting in that one scene. When he grabbed Logan's arm, Logan pulled away, looking at it and then Aaron looked, realizing what he had done and tried to soften it, that just screamed to me that yes, he has abused him in the past.

I adored the Veronica/Wallace scenes. Loved them, loved them, loved them -- I loved them almost as much as I loved the good Logan/Veronica scenes. These two absolutely have my favorite friendship, I think, EVER on television. So much love for Veronica and Wallace -- may the show never make it romantic between them because they really are perfect and pure and magnificent as BFFs. I love them so. Man, when he came outside and made the crack to her about stalking and she just started to cry -- that was a beautiful moment. I love their friendship so much.

I loved the Weevil/Logan scene -- even if the transition of names from Lilly to Veronica was abrupt. Jason Dohring and Francis Capra play off of each other so damn well. Logan and Weevil are so my favorite ship after Logan and Veronica.

Jason Dohring is amazing. He imbues so much in so many small ways and it's a damn good thing that he can do that because (like Kristen, but it was a lesser degree with her), he had to imbue a hell of lot into scenes because there was a heckuva lot missing. (But that goes in the bad and I'm not there yet.)

The actors playing Dick and Beaver (must find names), I thought did a great job and I actually hope that we get the kid playing Beaver especially next year. There is just something about him I really like. I can't put my finger on it. Dick is pretty great too, it's such a one-note character, but the actor makes him interesting. And speaking of Dick, loved, loved, loved that Veronica ran over his precious skateboard.

The consistency, the continuity was fabulous. Seeing all of the characters we've seen throughout the season revisited great work. The direction and cutaways of scenes was wonderfully done. This was a great episode -- BUT, I think it was a great episode DESPITE all of it's flaws and I think it had some huge, gaping ones.

Yes, we're at the bad.

This may have been the least well-done of all VM eps to me. I felt that the show sacrificed so, so much character for the sake of plot. This episode should have been stretched over two. I think we should have seen more Keith and Veronica scenes -- the bugging thing was way too easily put aside. I know that we should have had some more Veronica and Wallace scenes. Veronica and Duncan should have had some more scenes (of course that would have meant more "acting" by Teddy Dunn and that would have been a very bad thing) and Veronica and Logan DEFINITELY should have had some more scenes.

We really got no explanation for why it took so long for Logan to try and figure out what happened. I really believed that there was a good hunk taken out of the UPN opener put up for tonight's episode because Logan's reaction to her rape was NOT what expected, nor was her reaction to him NOT what expected. Furthermore, the insinuation that Logan hit Lilly seemed just as awkwardly thrown into that scene. But I will wait to next week to see a further reveal on that. Well, with the exception of a longer reaction take to the rape reveal, that is all we got. And then it jumps 40 minutes into the episode to an abrupt cut to her apologizing to him! I was like "what?!" I love Logan, I'm one of the biggest Logan/JD groupies out there, but I was like you are not telling me that Veronica is going to sit there and abjectly apologize to Logan Echolls and we don't hear one fucking "sorry" from his mouth for the way he's treated her?! WHAT?!?! Not happy with that. Not happy with the where did this come? from aspect of that scene. It felt just dropped in, and not smoothly. Now, the acting (of course) was excellently done. I loved the little byplay that played on both Kristen and Jason's faces when she revealed that it was Duncan who raped her -- oh, I'm sorry, he didn't rape her now, it was consensual because Duncan said so.

And THAT was biggest upset. But let me continue with the LoVe ship for a bit longer. I mentioned above that I adored the happy moments of Logan and Veronica from leaving the party to her falling onto the bed and I did (especially, the "you're too short" bit), but GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK! "I know about the salt lick, I'm going to choose to believe it didn't happen." WHAT?!?! And then even better, Logan drugged Duncan which is what was the other half (Madison -- horrible actress, don't want to even know her name -- did the Veronica half) of what led to the "consensual sex" between Veronica and Duncan and all we get is a "you didn't know what would happen," now let's make out some more. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? I adore LoVe. I'm totally on the LoVe ship. Love them to bits and bits and kibbles and bits, but I can not believe that she just continued into make-out heaven with him after that reveal and took it so blithely. As for the video, I have no doubt that it has nothing to do with Logan, I could be wrong, but it screamed red herring to me. And I was annoyed that Veronica just took off without talking to him first, but hey, maybe she didn't. Who knows? Well, we all will next week.

Now, if the episode had been stretched over two we probably would have had more time to actually delve into these characters and what was pushing, making them make these decisions. I'm not talking about Veronica's Creek, I'm talking about point A to flipping F (I'll take that!) as oppoed to the point A to point T that we got. Very, very sloppy.

Then we come to my favorite. The rape. I'm sorry, "consensual sex." No, no, no, no, no. She has believed that she was violated since December 03 and just because Duncan says, "oh you were willing," suddenly she no longer was violated, it no longer feels like rape and everything is fine and dandy and I'm gonna go make out with my new boyfriend. Sorry, total cop-out to me. Not that it was Duncan. That I didn't have an issue with, how Veronica handled that it was Duncan. Cheap and just wrong. Oh and put me in the minority, but I totally think that Duncan and Veronica ARE brother and sister, but that it will be kept within the inner circle and not leaked because Veronica will not be willing to except Jake Kane as her father. The scene between Keith and Veronica just reconfirmed my belief that he's not her biological father.

As for Mr. Dunn. Sorry, Rob, I still think he's not all that in the acting department. During his "BIG" scenes, I just saw him "acting," I never felt any real connection with him unlike I do with Veronica, Logan, Wallace, Weevil, Keith, etc. I just don't think he's very good. At all.

As I said above, despite all of that negativity I just unleashed, I still think it was a great episode, but again, it was great despite the major flaws. From all of the raving by Rob Thomas and the build-up to this episode, I expected a jaw-dropping, amazing episode. And it didn't deliver.

I expected better -- who knows? Maybe a rewatch will improve it.

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