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Kelly's album leaked ... so quick thoughts!

I fully intend to buy the CD, so I felt no qualms in downloading the leaked version.

I gotta say that with just a second-listen-to to each of these songs makes them better each time. This CD is REALLY AWESOME!!!!

- My Life Would Suck Without You is, of course, awesome! Bubbly, frothy, flirty, catchy and fun, fun, fun!

- Cry is so sad, but beautiful; Kelly sounds gorgeous!

- All I Ever Wanted is GORGEOUS!!! My second favorite of the whole album.

- I Do Not Hook Up is fun and flirty, I like it lots. VERY catchy.

- Don't Let Me Stop You is another good one that just gets better with each listen.

- Whyyouwannabringmedown I didn't like when I first heard the 30-second clip, but yeah, the whole song, I'm LOVING it so much! I think I was thrown bcause it's a very different style for Kelly.

- I Want You, hmm, well, I love the Kelly parts, but there's this back-up part (admittedly brief) singing "yeah, yeah, yeah," that I really don't like and it brings the song down for me. Which I find really bummy because the rest of the song lives up to the 30-second awesomeness, but I REALLY don't like that "yeah, yeah, yeah" part. Eh, I'll get used to it, I'm sure. And the rest really is awesome, again like the above song, it has a different vibe than other Kelly songs. There is kind of a 60's vibe to it.

- If I Can't Have You, another one that I'm absolutely loving!!!!!!!! So good.

- Already Gone. God, I love this one! Totally my favorite. So much emotion in her voice, the lyrics, everything, it's just beautiful. It seriously made me tear up.

- Save You, this one is beautiful, but I don't think the segue into the bridge works, I'm sure it will become natural and work for me down the road, but right now, it's clunky and I think the song is overproduced after that bridge. Shame because the song was hitting on all cylinders before that. Still, it's a good song.

- Long Shot, Okay, I LOVE this one too. Damn, this CD is so, so, sooooooooo good.

- Impossible. Alright, this is one of two songs that I do consider somewhat weak. It's okay. I think it's my least favorite. A tad generic. Of course, it will grow on me as it's Kelly, but it's not grabbing me now.

- Ready. This was a leaked demo from last year, and I was bothered by a line: "drenched in all of this shit," because (a) it was such unnecessary profanity for the song, and (b) Kelly is a role model for tweens and younger, and I didn't like that this would be something that would cut her off from some of that younger crowd. Well, YAY! She changed the lyric to: "drenched in all you want me to be." It fits the song better, has an evocative feel that is lovely and doesn't contain unnecessary profanity. Yay! As for the whole song? I love it, love it, love it!!! Plus, in addition to what we knew from the leaked demo, there's a bridge to it that is awesome (even if I can't make out a few words), it's just WOW!!!

- If No One Will Listen, this one's pretty, but again, a bit generic, but still it's Kelly and she sounds so pretty!

- The Day We Fell Apart is one of two bonus tracks from the Deluxe Edition (the second hasn't leaked). The beat is EXTREMELY catchy and Kelly sounds great, but I rather hate the lyrics. It basically is about a woman who misses the totally messed-up relationship she had with a guy who made her miserable and she wants him back and meaner than ever. Uhm, yeah.

Still, overall, only 3 songs out of 15 that I don't love! That's a FABULOUS ratio! And I'm not surprised that I love it so. I really do think that every Kelly album has been better than the last, and this one holds true. I love every single song, and each listen-to just makes them better.

All I Ever Wanted ==> My December (totally underrated!) ==> Breakaway ==> Thankful.
Tags: kelly clarkson, music

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