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Some good, some great, some bad, some WTF?!?! Typical TC episode.

So, when Jeff walked out I screamed with joy! (Literally. I am sad.) I totally *TOTALLY* expected Jaime to win, and when Jeff did, I was so happy. I knew it was too much to hope for that he would win, but I would have loved it. Oh, if only Hosea had slipped a bit, Carla hadn't done AS good, then Jeff would have won and we would have had THE BEST FINAL THREE EVER!!! (Carla! Jeff! Fabio!) Ah well, as it is, I lost two of the three. Of course, I didn't really expect any different account with regards to Jeff. Tom doesn't like him; there was no way that unless everyone else obviously failed in some big way and Jeff did what he did -- which was cook a perfectly flavored, cooked, excellent all-around meal -- that he was going home. *Sigh*

As for Stefan? Pfft! It was one thing last week to let him skate by on his past performances if it meant getting rid of Leah's ass, but again?!? Twice in a row?!?! Against three very superior dishes and Fabio's great meal? Yes, Fabio's meal didn't quite fit "Creole" style, but they didn't want to go back for Stefan's food and he made stew instead of gumbo ... in New Orleans. And on top of that his attitude?!? Ugh, and I lost my poor Jeff (and Fabio) for that?! Double ugh.

And, honestly, I do really like Fabio but his contention that without him there, of course, Stefan would win, was really, really, really annoying.

Ah well, TEAM CARLA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: top chef, tv

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