Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I'm pretty sure this makes me a bad 'Who' fan and ...

an RTD-extremist, but what can I say? It's how I feel.

principia posted some growing Doctor Who speculation in her lj, and since I think I totally differ in opinion from everyone else who posted on the subject, I thought I'd discuss it more in length here.

There are apparently rampant rumors that when Ten regenerates into Eleven his sometimes-regenerative-temporary-amnesia will be selectively permanent, ie, the Doctor will forget Nine and Ten's experiences (ie, the RTD-years -- that's Rose, Jack, Martha, Donna, etc.). And supposedly Moffat will be using this as a way of completely ignoring all of the storylines/arcs for the last four series/2009 specials, but also as a way of retconning the Time War.

My thoughts? Honestly, I'd be thrilled if he forgot all of Nine and Ten's existence simply because it means that Moffat's hands will not ever have to deal with the beauty of everything and everyone that RTD created. He won't be able to sully, spit all over, downplay, destroy, etc. what many of us loved. Furthermore, he won't be able to have the Doctor and other better, smarter, more awesome, Mary-Sue characters crap all over any of those memories (and let's be honest, we know that means especially Rose and the Doctor/Rose relationship). So this really, really, really, reallllllllllllllly works with me.

OTOH, I don't get how Nine and Ten's existence being forgotten would make the Time War not happen. That does not compute. At all. Still, I'd really be *really* happy with the first speculation if it keeps Moffat cleanly and totally away from RTD's creations.

ETA: Per principia below, I misunderstand that. The Time War won't happen and therefore Nine and Ten wouldn't have resulted from it. Uhm, okay. Whatever, Moffat, whatever.

Anyhoo, all speculation at this point, so who knows.
Tags: doctor who, russell t davies, tv

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