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American Idol - first round of top 12

Watched it, quick thoughts. (No really, they're quick, I swear!)

- Wow, what a sucktastic night!!!! SERIOUSLY SUCKTASTIC!!! WOW!! Song choices sucked like they have never, ever, EVER sucked before. EVER!

- Alexis Grace is quite lovely and she did sound amazing, but I didn't like the song choice. I knew there was a reason she was one of my faves, and her vocals and poise proved why tonight.

- Stevie and Casey were AWFUL! When you make Taylor Swift actually sound good in comparison? Don't get me wrong, while I've come to enjoy Swift for her charms, she's not a great singer, but Stevie's nerves got the best of her and she made Swift sound fabulous in comparison. Sigh. And Casey? Oy vey. Oh, and no Simon, the winks and over-the-top facial expressions WERE as bad as the singing. Actually, I think they were worse. They were THAT bad.

- I actually thought that Ann Marie did pretty damn good. I actually liked parts of it better than Kelly's live version and, oh, that's right, Ann Marie didn't have a horrifically so damn sharp and flat high-note that was praised to the heavens even though it was so horrifically sharp and flat as did Miss Clarkson. Look, I love my girl, Kelly, but it was actually the ridiculous praise that the judges gave her for that GOD-AWFUL note in season one that made me DISLIKE her until the finale, because it was soooooooooooooooooooooooo undeserved. Sorry, that's my one big Kelly soapbox issue. Anyhoo, Ann Marie was good, not great, but good and that last note was fabulous. Still, she shouldn't have done that song, she really shouldn't have. It's Aretha, and in AI-world, even if that note WAS horrendous, most are under the impression (because of the damn tongue-bath the judges gave her) that Kelly's take was perfection. Oh, a different song, Ann Marie, sooooooooo should have done a different song. *Sigh*

- Tatiana, I thought was actually worse than the praise the judges gave her, and definitely worse than Ann Marie. And I'm hopeful that her toning down the crazy is going to keep her from the top 12 because that's what people voting for through WOULD have voted her through for.

- The pimping of Danny Gokey is RIDICULOUS!! And I'm gonna say it. I don't like him. And it doesn't help that my brother-in-law pointed out that if he lost my sister, four weeks later ... he'd still be a complete mess and not a smiling, happy-go-lucky dude with a message about survival (because, yeah, apparently Danny is here to teach the world how to cope with loss!). In addition, he's also already trying to play to the Cookie-fanbase. Back off, Gokey (or Pimpkey as I've heard him referred to as) you're no Cookie! Anyhoo, yeah, don't like him. He can sing, but I don't think he's anything to write home about and I just, I don't like him. He comes across as so fake and preachy to me. Sorry, but there it is. Yet, already, he's clearly the Archie-pimp of this season. GAWD! And people are lapping it up like a kitten laps up milk.

Oh, and Pimpkey? I liked Brooke's rendition of "Hero" a helluva lot more.

So, yeah Pimpkey's the guy going through, of course. (Dial Idol has him with almost half of the male votes at this point.) And it looks like Alexis (per DI) is the girl chosen, which is cool as she was my second fave girl after Ann Marie, but I think it's going to Michael Sarver or Anoop over Ann Marie for the third slot. Damnit. I think her only shot is a wild-card round, but I'm not sure they like her enough. *Sigh* At least, one of my two girls looks like she has a real, legitimate shot of getting to the top 12.

Erm, I lied. So not quick.
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