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Top Chef and AI thoughts ...

First Top Chef, obviously I'm still upset about Jeff ... but I love Carla so FREAKING MUCH!, I'm still loving this season. FINALLY Leah is gone and Carla is not only top four, she's SWIMMING PRETTY into the top four. GO CARLA!!!!

American Idol

I'm REALLY happy about three specific contestants who made it into the top 36 and how I did below the cut ...

Obviously, I'm thrilled about Ann Marie Boskovich and Alexis Grace (my two faves), but I'm bummed because they are BOTH up next week and they're doing it this year, that they have one week to perform in the semi-finals, and two girls and two guys go on. So if both aren't the two girls picked (and I can't imagine they both will be unless they are both amazing), other than a potential wild card pick, I'm going to lose one, if not both. Sigh.

The third person I'm thrilled about is Nick Mitchell aka Norman Gentle. I just love him, seriously I do. And he can SING!!! So, yeah, I love him and I hope he makes it through to the top 12!

Okay, so out of the top 36 chosen, I correctly picked 25, a couple I didn't particularly like, but I thought would make it through.

- Arianna Afsar
- Stevie Wright
- Michael Sarver
- Alex Wagner-Trugman
- Scott MacIntyre
- Casey Caulson
- Von Smith
- Matt Breitze
- Danny Gokey
- Anoop Deai
- Lil Rounds
- Adam Lambert
- Kai Kalema
- Jasmine Murray
- Joanna Pacitti Rachel Barton
- Brent Keith Smith
- Alexis Grace
- Meg Corkrey
- Taylor Vaifanu
- Jorge Nunez
- Jackie Tohn
- Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle
- Ann Marie Boskovich
- Meg Corkrey
- Taylor Vaifanu

I DID mention Tatiana, but didn't expect her to make it past Hollywood week. Okay. If sanity prevails next week and the nation doesn't collectively decide to fuck those of us who are sane, she won't get voted into the top 12 next week. Good voice, BUT. SO. ANNOYING!

Of the ones I didn't pick (other than Tatiana technically) ... only four of the remaining eleven were actually showcased in the original auditions (the top four below). I do recall that I liked Jessica "Jesse" Langseth when she was included in a two-second clip of three girls who made it without them being named. But yeah, so I still think I did pretty good with who they actually showed.

- Allison Iraheta
- Kendall Beard
- Kris Allen
- Matt Giraud
- Kristen McNamara (They did showcase her in Hwood, but I wasn't doing picks from there)
- Nathaniel "Nate" Marshall ("McGee") (They did showcase him in Hwood, but I wasn't doing picks from there)
- Stephen Fowler
- Ricky Braddy
- Mishavonna Henson
- Junot Joyner
- Jessica "Jesse" Langseth
- Jeanine Vailes
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