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Long, rambling squee over Kelly Clarkson's new video

I'm babysitting the niece/nephews tonight and my sister hasn't heard/seen the new Kelly song/video, so I thought I'd show her. Well, the kids liked it, so while getting ready for bed I put the video on and just decided that since despite the fact that I've watched it five or six times, I still love it so, I'd post about it.

So, I'm INSANELY in love with Kelly's "My Life Would Suck Without You" video. I love the song. It wasn't one that I loved right away. My original thoughts on it were that while I LOVED the verses A LOT, the chorus, I liked but did't love. But still, it's really catchy and I thought that after a few listens-though, I'd just love the whole thing. And I do. I just love the whole thing now. It's bouncy and bubbly, and fun and frothy and fabulous. The best thing though is that Kelly's voice sounds AMAZING!!!!! Just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. So strong and rich. I do still think it's a little over-produced, but Kelly's voice is so powerful, it does overpower the over-production, LOL!

But the video!?! Oh, my, the video! It's just ... übercuteness on over-load. Seriously, it's like the most adorable thing ever (well, after the Doctor and Rose, of course). Kelly is just gorgeously, girl-next-door adorable in it. She looks happy and healthy, pretty and smiling and cute in the "acting" part of the video. So real and natural, and just lovely. With the most infectious smile!!! You can't watch her and her facial expressions and not just grin. Then in the "concert" part, she's finally pulled off a look I LOVE! During her 'Thankful' phase, I didn't really like her hair all that much, too dark, or too streaky, over-processed, and her outfit was either atrociously trailer-camp-makes rich, boring or just flat-out hideous. Then we got the first part of her 'Breakaway' phase in which her hair was long, honey brown with slight streaks, waves and just glorious ... of course, she was also dressing like a trailer-trash slut, in addition to heavy make-up. Her "look" was just so incongruous with who Kelly is. Then came the second 'Bway' phase, same, trashtastically slutty outfits, but paired with bright, blond hair. *Sigh* I was not a happy camper.

Then came along the 'My December/Reba' phase, and here we had short, dark and chunky, making her face looking about three times rounder than it was, and the outfits were either stuff most people would just wear around the house or something you would see celebrities wear ... in the 50's, if they were staid and very, very boring. Or dark, dark, dark, fake extensions, very, very big, long hair and pouffy, dark, depressing make-up and dramatic dresses. Double sigh.

Now, now, now ........ we have this!!! Her hair is honey brown again, long, slightly wavy, or sleekly, blowing-in-the-breeze straight, her make-up is natural and fresh-looking, accentuating her features, as opposed to overpowering or trampish. Her outfit in the story part of the video is cute, young and flattering, and in the concert part is sassy, sexy and classy all at the same time. And while sexy, she's no longer trying to oversell the "sexy" part, she's playing it as Kelly -- cute and spunky and just adorable. I LOVE IT!

Then there's the story part of the video: It's so FLIPPING! cute!!! The dysfunctional relationship played for cute laughs, the back and forth, the switch between the younger versions and older, the stuff in the apartment with the clothes, and then the fish and the guitar, and then in the car. Oh, when she grabbed him and kissed him at the end, I was all "Squee!!!!" Just so freakin' adorable!!!!!

If this is an indication of how the rest of her next album (All I've Ever Wanted) and press is going to follow, I'm ecstatic. I really liked Thankful. I really, really liked Breakaway. I loved My December -- not a good album! my ass!!! Listen to these ...

Be Still
How I Feel
Can I Have a Kiss?

... so, I've liked each CD more progressively, I'm hoping the pattern continues.

Anyhoo, here's the video (if you haven't seen it it) -- it's low quality, but you can watch the HQ version here (hq is un-embeddable) --

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