Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Monday Night Comedy o' Fun!!!!

My two favorite comedies tonight! WHEEEEEEEEE!!!

Hee! That was so funny. I do love the Sheldon/Penny dynamic, and Sheldon, period, but honestly? Just overall, this show makes me laugh so much, so often, so hard. DAMN FUNNY! I mean, all of it, every moment, just hysterical.

Specific things I liked --

- Sheldon looking back at the white board after the guys left acknowledging that it *was* their only option.

- Sheldon informing Penny that Leonard went to the movies without him ... but it was his only option.

- Sheldon explaining that his money was guarded by snakes.

- Sheldon smiling when Penny was taking the money. Awwww!

- Penny taking the money, putting it back, taking more, putting it back, taking it back, getting more.

- Sheldon's talk of his social interaction diary.

- Penny telling Leonard if he moved in, she couldn't keep her hands off of him, and then her glee when she said: "See, and you thought my acting lessons weren't paying off!"

- Leonard invoking Frodo, Samwise, Merry and Pippin and Sheldon calmly informing him that things didn't go so well for them.

- Leonard pointing out that he was wearing cargo shorts under his pants.

- Sheldon's ode to Leonard.

- Penny's hair looked gorgeous in tonight's episode.

All in all, just HYSTERICAL!!! Love this show.

HIMYM -- Eh, not so funny tonight. It had some really funny moments, and there were a few cute Barney/Robin moments, but after the last couple of brilliant episodes (and the hilarity of TBBT), it was a tad let-downish. Still, a let-down of a HIMYM episode is still pretty damn funny, so I won't grouse.

Stuff I did love ...

- Barney getting down to propose to Robin with no one paying attention after Marshall said she could marry a US citizen, and then quietly getting up (with no one noticing) when he said it wouldn't happen in time.

- Using the hot-dog eating contest to show off Alyson's baby bump.

- The long, tender, head-cupping hug between Barney and Robin at the end.

- No one coming to Dr. X's "happenings."
Tags: himym, sheldon/penny, the big bang theory, tv

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