Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'10 Celebrities you'd have sex with' meme

Oh, the joy of the internet, LOL! So I was tagged by lovepollution for this meme ...

1 List 10 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
2 Put them IN ORDER of your lust for them (10 to 1; 1 is the hottest).
3 Supply photos for said people.
4 Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
5 Tag 5 people: annie_oakley, aroniwen, gowdie, pie_is_good and tinkabell007

1.) Hugh Jackman. Very un-original here: The X-Men. Yum. This man is just sex on a stick. His face, his chest, his arms, his legs, his ... yeah, just him.

2. Ralph Fiennes. Sad, but true: Schindler's List. This is a shot of him from 1993 (People's 50 Most Beautiful), but he's still gorgeous and totally sex-able now. And anyone who thinks he doesn't still have it? Check out his shirtless, pants-barely-hanging-on, no wig scene from The Duchess, which if I could find, I'd so post a picture of.

3. Brad Pitt. Not going with Thelma & Louise here, but rather the movie that made me a fan of him as an actor: Interview with the Vampire. This is one of my favorite shots of him, sexy and fun and flirty and GUH!

4. David Duchovny. The X-Files. And he's still got it. Sexy, sexy man. This is, hands-down, my favorite sexy shot of him EVER!

5. Jason Dohring. Duh, Veronica Mars. Unfortunately because he hasn't done much, he really doesn't have many photos to choose from and I didn't want to use screencaps for these, so ... this was the best "sexy" shot I could find. The photo-shopping is still there (you SUCK the CW!), but hey, he's leaning and that counts for something.

6. Damian Lewis. Life. And, uhm, this picture ...

7. Christopher Eccleston. Although, I've loved him as an actor for a long time, it really was Doctor Who that made me fully appreciate his hotness.

8. Orlando Bloom. The Fellowship of the Ring. He's so pretty!!!!!!!!!

9. Taylor Kitsch. Friday Night Lights. Yup another pretty boy. I don't actually go for the pretty boys that often (contrary to Brad, Orlando and this one), but he's one of the few that I have fallen for.

10. Neil Patrick Harris. Celebrity Poker Showdown. Yup, that's right. I was obsessed with that show for awhile and watched every episode and by the end of the first one with him (he won and came back for a winner's tournament), I was so in lust. How I Met Your Mother just amplified it.

Tags: brad pitt, christopher eccleston, damian lewis, david duchovny, hugh jackman, jason dohring, meme, neil patrick harris, orlando bloom, ralph fiennes

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