Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Top Chef ... lalalalaa

Got around to watching Top Chef ... yay.

Sigh, my Jeff. I'd say I'm not surprised, but I'd be lying. I certainly didn't think he'd go this soon, and I certainly thought the editing was pointing towards Fabio. In addition, Fabio's dish and attitude at the judges' table was much worse than Jeff's it seemed. So, I don't know. I'm really surprised that Jeff went now. Sigh. I felt so bad for him because he didn't cook badly, he just did too much ... again. Oh, Jeff.

Ah well, still, I have Carla. I do love her too and maybe this was a turning point for her and we will see her with that momentum. Or maybe this was her shining moment? I don't know. I'm bummed about Jeff, but I knew he wouldn't win. I just wish he'd gone further.
Tags: carla hall, top chef, tv

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