Arabian (arabian) wrote,

HIMYM stuffies ...

dollsome posted a link to a How I Met Your Mother article (on their recent cast interview thingie they did) and there were a bunch of spoilers including this Barney/Robin one that I know will make many a person ...

Barney and Robin fans, get happy. Or at least Mr. Thomas and Mr. Bays think you will be come season finale time. Viewers will see more of Robin’s side of the Barney/Robin equation, whose hook-up was preceded by months of debate in the writers room, as the show heads toward its season finale. Cobie Smulders said she was worried at first when the pair slept together, but now appreciates that they did their storyline backwards and a little more modern, with sex coming before love.
Oh, I'm so thrilled that we're finally going to get something from Robin's side. WOOHOO!!!

I know I keep saying it, but there's a reason I have such faith in these writers, in this show and they keep on proving me right. Awesome!!!

Tags: brotp, himym, tv

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