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American Idol: Night 4/5/6 ... Ah, a new fave!!

I know I said last week that Alexis Grace was my fave, and I do still like her, but she's got competition now. Uh huh.

TUESDAY NIGHT: First of all, not a pick of mine, although she might go far, but I had to write about her. I don't know if she sounds so much better live to them, but I was a little surprised that 16-year-old, pageant-queen-persona Jasmine Murray made it through without one comment because she sang EVERY FLIPPIN' NOTE through her nose. I hear stuff like that and I think either that live vs. television makes a huge difference in what we hear or these judges are tone-deaf. And, honestly, were it not for Kara's addition to the judging table I'd be a lot more likely to think it's the latter. I dunno.

One more non-pick (partially because he didn't make it): Michael Perelli. The freak-out was ridiculous and for that reason alone, yes, I'm glad he wasn't picked. However, based on his voice alone, it *was* interesting (Simon!), and it's definitely in vogue now. Still, that attitude and freak-out were RIDONKULOUS!!! I'm glad he wasn't picked.

Anyhoo, moving onto my actual picks ...

- Julissa Velor - She's odd, has odd inflections, BUT she has very strong voice and she's likable. I think she has potential.

- T.K. Hash - He has a very, very good voice, but he also sounds like a lounge singer (I'm shocked Simon didn't call him on that). I actually don't think he'll go very far unless he surprises us with some range, but he is good-looking and does have a good voice.

- Anne Marie Boskovich - My new fave (or tied for). Loved her attitude, loved her voice, LOVED HER. What I didn't love? That ridiculous round-about the judges made her run. Go and change and bring your star potential out! WTF?!? Seriously? They let people through without a fuss who showed less vocal talent in their whole audition than she did in the few lines she sang to Kara. Pffft! She was wonderful. Both times, judges! Grrr. LOVE HER!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: A few names, but a couple I really liked ...

- David Osmond - He has a good voice and we all know that the Osmonds can be voting machines (whether it will help him or just Marie, who knows?).

- Frankie Jordan - Okay, I'm not the biggest Amy Winehouse fan, but uhm, didn't she sound almost exactly like her? Or was that my imagination? And if she did sound just like her, have none of these four ever heard Amy Winehouse sing? Don't get me wrong, she sounded good, and it confirmed my belief that part of my problem with Winehouse is that she used such flagrant profanity in an entirely unnecessary way, in my opinion. Still, didn't she sound like Winehouse? How could the judges have not caught that? ::Shrugs:: Maybe I'm just on crack and I don't know it.

ETA: Okay, so she doesn't sound as much like her here in a song she recorded that's been available on itunes for years apparently. She sounds good.

Source: pantless_deacon from ohnotheydidn't.

- Meg Corkrey - Boy, could you hear her nerves and I'd like to hear her sing something contemporary, but she does have a lovely voice. I don't quite get why the judges practically had an orgasm over her, but she has a nice voice.

- Taylor Vaifanu - Pretty voice. Very, very pretty voice. I agree completely with the judges said about her voice. It was just lovely.

- Rose Flack - First, I'm gonna be Paula: This girl is quite beautiful. Now about her voice ... she's not the best singer, but she has a very affecting voice. I *felt* something listening to her. I agree wholeheartedly with Simon's comments about her.

ETA: THURSDAY NIGHT: Last night ... aahhhh!!!!

Jorge Nunez - Good voice and he's cute.

Melinda Camille - I like her, and lovely voice. (Happy pill/nudist person)

Jackie Tohn - Interesting voice, although the Jason Mraz song choice was horrific, she's lucky they gave her another shot.

Nick Mitchell (Norman Gentle) - He IS entertaining, LOL! and he can sing.

Monique Garcia Torres - I'm glad Simon let her through because she does have a sweet voice.

Patricia Lewis Roman - The first Whitney song had me shaking my head no, but the second Spanish song had me going 'yes.'
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