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If you had the choice, which way would you go?

Just pondering a few ifs/ors and thought I'd pose them to my flist. Feel free to expound upon your answers; I sure did.

Which would you prefer?

Christopher Eccleston staying on as the Doctor for series two (with Tennant taking over after that)
Billie Piper staying on as Rose through series three (Doomsday happening at the close of three)

Which would you prefer?

David Tennant re-signing with Steven Moffat in charge
David Tennant leaving with RTD with Paul Cornell put in charge

Which would you prefer?

A different actress playing Martha with the series three arc remaining
Donna finding the Doctor in series three, as opposed to series four (no Martha introduced)

Which episode(s) would you get rid of if you could choose one?

'Girl in the Fireplace'
'Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead'

The reasons for my answers ... The one about Eccleston or Billie staying was the only one that I actually was torn on, the rest were easy to decide. But this one? I REALLY, REALLY would have loved another season of Eccleston and Piper, of Nine and Rose, but, but, but ... it would have been AWESOME to have one more series of Billie Piper as Rose. I dunno, if I HAD to choose one option -- with the chips falling where they may with future story ... I'd go with Eccleston because I'd still be able to enjoy Billie in other roles (and I actually enjoy her more as Belle/Hannah on Secret Diary of a Call Girl), whereas my favorite Eccleston role is Nine.

Like I said, the other three are easy to answer. In a heartbeat, I'd lose Tennant if it meant I got Cornell instead of Moffat because I believe that Moffat would have pretty much destroyed Ten while in charge. Plus, I have no intention of watching Who under Moffat. I got over losing Eccleston/Nine, so I'd get over losing Tennant/Ten if it meant that I still had my beloved show, and under Cornell, I believe that it would remain my beloved show.

I actually loved the idea behind the Martha-unrequited arc of series three and I think it played an important step in the Doctor's growth; my problem with it is that while Freema Agyeman is lovely, I don't think she's a very good actress. Therefore, I don't think she was able to handle the demands of the role as envisioned by Russell T Davies. If it seems unfair to blame the less-that-stellar arc on the actress, I can't help it when practically every other female introduced by Davis with any kind of arc was beautifully written, conceived and played out, in my opinion. And I can SEE the arc so clearly and its brilliance; so, yes, I do blame the issues with it upon the actress. And as long as I still get my Donna in The Runaway Bride and series four, I'm fine with waiting another series for her.

Finally, again ... easy. Which Moffat episode would I junk? It was never stated (or really even implied -- that was more because of the early speculation) that River was anything but someone that the Doctor knew and cared about in the future in the script. And, furthermore, as lame as the two-parter was, in regards to the overall story, you could still take from it the love that the Doctor felt for both Rose and Donna (and, yeah, okay the universe) is why he did all that he did in that two-parter and in any future relationship with River.

On the other hand, GitF, while much better written -- albeit with some plot holes as well -- it just spat all over the character continuity of the Doctor and Rose and frankly made the Doctor look like a bit of an asshole. As craptastic as SitL/FotD are, you *can* watch them in order without them appearing out of place (if not aspects of them portraying the Doctor and Donna out of character), but you can't really watch GitF and try and fit in with the episodes before and after it without it seeming jarringly out of place. So, goodbye Girl in the Fireplace.
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