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Christopher Eccleston in 'The Invisible Circus'

Got around to watching an Eccleston movie I hadn't seen before. Honestly I wasn't looking forward to it because it co-starred Cameron Diaz -- someone I am NOT a fan of -- but I wanted to watch 'em all, so I did. Surprisingly, I thought it was decent and really, really, REALLY liked one aspect of it.

There's a love story that isn't a huge part of the film, that is very sweet, incredibly hot, all despite being utterly wrong for a couple of reasons:

1. The love story is between the main character, Phoebe and Eccleston's character, Wolf/Christopher who is about ten some years older than her 18.

2. They first met when she was 12 and he was romantically involved with her sister!

3. If not married, he's in a serious relationship with another woman with whom he's living.

Taking all of that aside, it really is a sweet love story in the context of the film and really, really hot. Eccleston and Jordana Brewster have some really, really good chemistry. Someone nicely clipped the pertinent section of the film that I plan on treasuring myself as I liked the movie, but not enough to buy it, but I sure want to be able to rewatch this part of the film over and over again. (I've already rewatched it about ten times on the DVD.)

Anyhoo, check it out (and be grateful that this section does not feature the god-awful wig he wears in the flashback scenes) ...

HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite part is the hallway kiss after he gets the hotel key. It's just so romantic and sexy and ooh, makes my toes curl.
Tags: christopher eccleston, movies

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