Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Some TV Thoughts ...

Caught up a bit on TV, not much, but a bit ...

American Idol

Well, I've found my favorite so far this season. It may change, obviously, but I really, really like someone. She's in my list below.

- Joanna Pacitti: She's good (and I love that song, "We Belong"), she didn't blow my socks off and I thought she pushed a bit much, but she's good.

- Brent Keith Smith: Country boy, he's good AND cute. Always a plus.

- Felicia Barton: Good voice.

- Shera Lawrence: Nice high note in her singing, lovely key change.

- Lenesha Young: Not my favorit style, but she's really good. She actually sounds recorded already. (And the original song was good.)

* - Alexis Grace: SHE's my favorite. I actually LOVE her voice and something about her just works for me. I like her lots. She's cute and, just, I don't know, something about her. I like.

Top Chef

Jeff is safe; that's all I care about. Hosea and Leah let the situation get to them, but they were stupid. You don't frickin' flirt when you have significant others. ::Rolls Eyes:: I'm at the point where I really want the final three of Stefan (because he deserves it, ass though he may be), Jaime (I KNOW!, but she deserves it, and, she sleeps with a stuffed animal ... that was cute), and my Jeff. I know he won't win, but I'd love to have him as long as I can. And with who's left (aside from Stefan and Jamie)? I think Hosea is the only one who has a shot of pulling ahead of him, but you never know. I do still love Fabio, but yeah, the cooking doesn't seem to be his key ingredient. (Pun intended.)

Lie to Me

It was okay. I love Tim Roth, and I like Kelli Williams. They have chemistry and I like the set-up. A bit pedestrian, but it was the Pilot. I'll give it a few more episodes before I throw in the towel.
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