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American Idol: Night 3

To start with, a quick something that I've been meaning to mention. I generally fast-forward through most of the stories before the singers sing. In fact, I rarely listen to all of their conversation with the judges. I pretty much stop fast-forwarding about thirty seconds or so before they sing, listen to them sing, listen to the judges' comments and then fast-forward away again. I despise the fact that some contestants get such early favoritism by their stories being shown, while others in the semi's don't, so I like to judge them based pretty much on their singing, their showmanship and the brief glimpse of personality I see. Obviously, I pick up on the main stories being plugged, but I don't actually watch the heart-tugging stuff. With that said ...

Only an hour, so just a few names. There were some singers they liked that I was meh on and no one I liked even remotely as much as they did, but there was one I liked more than them.

- Tatiana Del Toro: Honestly, I didn't particularly like her, nor do I think she'll make it past Hollywood week based on the judges' treatment of her, but because of that treatment, I wanted to vent on her behalf a bit. I thought they were INCREDIBLY unfair. No, she wasn't fabulous, but she COULD sing and certainly better than some they've let through quite easily. Yes, she was annoying, yes, she was over the top, yes, she was a little ridiculous, BUT she could sing. And well. Still, she's actually not a pick, I was just REALLY annoyed with the judges.

My actual picks ...

- John Twiford: My favorite of the bunch until Kai, (and this is, of course, based solely on his voice and how he looks because we got no "personality" camera time with him, not even the few seconds or so I generally do watch). From what we saw, though, I'd say that he's potentially really good and a real cutie-pie.

- Adam Lambert: Hyped a TAD much. Yes, he was good and hit the notes, but (a) Simon was right: He was theatrical and (b) he sounded a tad feminine. He did look slightly like Cookie though, and he CAN sing, but I was much more impressed with his personality (he's a charmer!) rather than his voice. I'll see how he sounds singing other songs.

*- Kai Kalema: I liked him. I did. He was nervous, you could tell. He oversang that song badly. That is a BEAUTIFUL song, but it's subtle, understated and he was just over the top with it. It wouldn't have been so obvious on many other songs, but that one? No, you need to bring the subtle. Still, I LIKED his voice; I liked his tone. I pretty much agreed with Kara 100%. Speaking of Kara ...

I like her mostly. I like how she stands up for herself and does not let Randy and, especially, Simon trod all over her opinions. I like the opinions she gives and I generally agree with her. What I do not like? Is that, like Simon and Randy, she has a nasty streak that comes out, as if she's making fun of the contestants. Now, to be fair, this is coming out during long days of listening to tons of people sing (quite a bit of them badly). If she continues to display this streak during Hollywood, the semi's, etc. (as Simon does, and Randy sometimes does), she'll drop lower in my estimation because it's a different arena and the judges aren't listening to drones of singers, some of them not even deserving that title. So, we'll see. I like her, but I'm withholding full judgment.

And that's all she wrote.
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