Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Scrubs season 8 (especially ep4) so far ...

I know this is two weeks behind roughly when it started again, and almost a week since the specific episode I want to talk about aired, but I just watched the last two. So ...

The first and third episode were funny, reminiscent of the last couple of seasons (which I still found funny, by the way), but the second and fourth were awesome; they were like the best of previous Scrubs. They were funny (laugh-out loud in some places), but they also had such an enormous heart without being sappy. The second one about the dying patient was just so beautifully written; it was poignant and wonderfully acted by the guest and regular stars.

And the fourth one ... the most recent, oh that one was not only humorous and poignant, but it made my shipper heart squee in a way I haven't since the end of series four of Doctor Who, and as I never have for this show. I've always liked JD and Elliot and wanted them to hook up, but I never squeed, or smiled or was just awwing all over their moments. This episode was just ... ooh, I loved it.

At first when it began with the signs of them basically acting like a couple (but for sex) and not realizing it, I thought, okay, it's coming up and they'll pull back, per usual, but hey, if they're addressing it now, it means the show likely IS going to go there. So yay. And then they did what I expected, their actions were brought to their attention, they decided to "talk." And they did, and it was very well done, talking about the pitfalls, the past, not talking about the past, all with grace and charm and sensitivity (by the writers), and then it was left hanging a bit. What were they going to do?

Then came the final scene where they walked outside, neither talking and then JD took her hand and they continued walking, and then she put her head on his shoulder (and I was pretty much a ball of goo at this point) and then he kissed the top of her head. It was just so sweetly romantic, and had a lovely maturity to it that has been missing in their love story. I really, really loved it. Now, I only hope that we don't see them break-up again this season and then it ends on them broken up, or they make-up at the end. I would like to just see them finish this season out together as they should be.
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