Arabian (arabian) wrote,

DW Quotes from the S4 DVD set

rynne put up a whole bunch of D/R quotes -- go there now! -- but, oh Julie Gardner, I love you so! This part of these were my two favorites simply because the first highlighted (a) my long-held belief that yes, damnit! Rose LOVED Nine and (b) it's got a little Eccleston plug, and the second one because ... yes, LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!

JG, on Rose in "The Christmas Invasion"
Rose, of course, was suspicious, because she absolutely adored, loved Christopher Eccleston's Doctor. [cut to scene of Rose crying in Jackie's arms in TCI.] So, she had to fall in love with him again ...
JG, re: "The Stolen Earth":
But Russell T Davies is just a bad man. We've waited for so many seasons for Rose to finally find the Doctor--it's that amazing smile, I think, that Billie has, a big close up when she first sees him that kind of says everything.

Tags: billie piper, christopher eccleston, doctor who, doctor/rose

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