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'24' - Hours 3 and 4

Man, we have to wait another week now, and we get only one hour from here on out. NOT FAIR, I want it all now!!!!

Okay, first things first -- CHLOE!!!

Now, second thing ... am I totally insane or does it seem like there's an ACTUAL legitimate inkling that they MIGHT be venturing towards a possible Chloe/Jack something!?!?! I mean, their first contact and ...

a) Jack reacts to hearing her voice very distinctly
b) Chloe ends that first phone conversation by telling him (after complaining about the Senate's treatment) "you looked good, though."

And then when they saw each other for the first time. OMIGOD!!!! It was played like a moment, right?!?! That totally was NOT my imagination. RIGHT?!?!!? Her not being in there when they first walked in to get some obligatory 'where are we' dialogue out of the way, and then she did, stopped still, he turned to her. She said his name in a soft voice, he said her name in a soft voice, walking towards her. She told him (in the same soft voice) "it's good to see you," he repeated the sentiment back.

And then, and then, and then!! After she realized that Jack could possibly die and Bill knew it, then Bill said "and Jack did too," it went to her devastasted face AND THEN cut to a matching block of Jack's face, having them side by side.

So am I crazy? Am I seeing what I want to? Or did it actually play like there might be potential this season!?!?!? Gosh, I hope so!!!!!!!!

As for the rest of the show ... soooooooo good so far. Unlike last season, all of the characters/actors that are new are GOOD, well-cast, interesting layers to them. The plot is good and twisty and it's just good!

Random ...

- Okay, non-suited up, non-regulation-haircut Bill is HAWT!!!

- So, Janis is totally to Renee what Chloe is to Jack -- crush and all. Totally.

- Okay, I give, Renee is actually turning out to be a more interesing characters, and I like her freckles.

- I really want President Cherry to somehow find out that Jack is good because I'm so tired of Jack being on the wrong side of the President. I miss the BFF days of Jack and David Palmer.

- Hah! Tony's good, not surprised. Yay!

All in all, just good show. And JACK AND CHLOE!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!
Tags: 24, jack/chloe, tv

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