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HIMYM - Just lovely *sigh*

I'll probably do a BBT write-up -- meh episode -- later tonight, and 24 tomorrow -- too awesome, did it tonight. But for now, the awesomeness that continues to be How I Met Your Mother.

And this is why I keep saying I have faith in Thomas and Bays.

I KNEW that this episode involved Robin and Ted re-hooking up. I knew that, but I kept telling myself, it will be okay. I trust Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. I trust them. NEVER has my faith in showrunners ever been so properly placed. Still as much as I trust them, if you had told me that my favorite episode of the season so far would have been the one where Robin and Ted re-hook up, I'd snorted most unladylike and told you you were wrong.

And I would have been wrong. Oh, this episode was amazing. The Barney stuff was just, hell, it was beautiful. I LOVED IT! I was almost tearing up in the last couple of scenes, I was doing the girly-hand-waving of awesomeness thing. I just ... oh, I loved it so. And my GOD, is Neil Patrick Harris a wonder of wonders, or what?!?!? His delivery was amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

- You need to stop sleeping together please.
- Yes, I'm in love with her. {Pause} That's what you are.
- I love you.

GOD! That last one killed me. Seriously, the delivery just, oh my God. And the way he was looking at her at the end, and then Ted looking at him, and then Barney looking at him and the look of understanding. JUST. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, random thoughts ...

- Lily once again proves that she is THE. WORST. KINDERGARTEN. TEACHER. EVER. But a great friend.

- "Reading a magazine." It's true; it's totally true. No ONE likes 'reading a magazine' at work. No one.

- Heh, and I totally knew (as did everyone watching I'm sure) that Barney was talking about masturbating.

- Nice to see that the hooking up thing really showed once again that Robin and Ted are totally over romantically. They really are.

- Stupid, I know, but when Barney threw the 10,000 stamps at Ted, I couldn't help but think, man with the stamp prices constantly going up, a lot of those are going to go to waste.

- Hah! Barney's casual showing of his private bathroom.

- The Sharebear, whatever his name was, and Barney not having it, and then not giving it back.

Overall, just, oh man, this episode was BEAUTIFUL. I know, I know we still don't know where Robin stands really, but having Barney REALLY come to terms with where he stands was amazing. So well done. The writing and acting were just lovely. So very, very lovely.
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