Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'24' - Hours 1 and 2

I did my overnights this weekend, so I have today and tomorrow off. Yay!! Catching up on sleep and TV. On the agenda first ... 24!!

Random thoughts ...

- I love Jack; I just really, really do.

- I miss Chloe.

- I looked in vain for Mary Lynn Rajskub's name in the credits.

- Both episodes.

- Damnit.

- I miss Chloe.

- I do not like Agent Renee Walker. I wanted to, but she kinda bugs. I was initially hoping she would die by hour four, but considering her placement in the credits, I think not.

- So, am I the only one who thinks that Agent Walker and her boss are secretly (or not so secretly) totally in love?! I really rather hope so because when I saw her, I first thought: "Jack's love interest. Lame. Hello!?!? CHLOE!!!!," but now, I'm thinking it's her and boss-dude (Moss, I think.)

- Oh, emo!Jack over badass!Tony. ::SniffSniff::

- Considering Jack (and we) saw Tony die, I rather like how they calmly glossed over, yeah, well, you saw him die, but even though you're an expert in death and all that, he wasn't really dead and we super-secret-magically resurrected him seconds after you left. You know, like The Princess Bride -- he was only mostly dead.

- I'm hearing some complaints about Janeane Garofalo being Chloe-lite, but I'm cool with that for three reasons:

     1) I love Janeane Garofalo
     2) I think she's supposed to be deliberately Chloe-lite so that when the real Chloe shows up, her Chloe-badassery will be even more badass.
     3.) I've read vague things here and there and it sounds like when Garoalo and Rajskub are together, it's going to be AWESOME! Because they are AWESOME! And long-time friends who both can snark like nobody's business. Still, with that said ...

- I miss Chloe.

- Chloe better show up tonight.

- Dude, Jack was totally going to stab that guy in the eardrum with a pen. Were this real life, I'd be horrified. But it's not. It's 24! It's Jack Bauer!! Therefore, it was AWESOME!!!

- I think Cherry Jones is doing great as the President so far, but I still miss David Palmer. I miss Logan too, but that's for an entirely different reason, and heh, at least I can enjoy the actor on The Mentalist. I don't like The Unit and it wasn't about Dennis Haysbert for me, as it was the awesome that is Gregory Itzkin. I loved David Palmer and having David-Palmer-lite, ie, Wayne Palmer last year just made that fact more obvious. So, I'm glad they went a different route in that she's female, but yet, she clearly has more David Palmer-like tendencies as in compassion and conviction. I can dig that.

- I was watching the two planes and you gotta say it about this show, seven years, and I STILL could totally buy that Tony'd crash 'em because you. never. know. with. this. show.

- As for Tony being the bad guy, I can actually believe it if he doesn't turn out to be still good after all because when his name/face came up, I said to myself, well, Michelle WAS blown up by factions in the government and we know how he was about her. So, yeah, if anyone's gonna turn evil, I can buy this. Hey, it worked for Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight.

- On the other hand, if it is revealed that he's still a good guy, I'll happily buy that too.

- So, I'm thinking Jack's gonna get a pardon from President Cherry before the 24 hours are up and he has to face the Senate hearing again.

- Once more for the road, I miss Chloe.
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