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Epic 'Doctor Who' meme ...

1. When did you start watching?

March 2006

1a. Why?

I'd seen icons of Nine/Rose on my flist, recognized Chris Eccleston and when I saw the advertisement for it on the Sci-Fi channel, I decided to give it a shot since I lurve Eccleston. (If you really want to know my full Who journey, check out insanely massive Who post.

2. What was your first episode?


3. Which episodes have you seen?

Every new Who episode, and one Classic Who.

3a. Favourite?

I'm doing my rewatch-reviews which is really giving me a concrete idea of how much I like or don't like certain episodes, but I haven't hit series two yet, so I'm going to go with my favorite of the ones I've done so far and it's The Unquiet Dead.

4. Are your friends/family interested in the show?

Not in the slightest; unless you consider my six-year old nephew who watched "The Next Doctor" with me and thought it was "AWESOME!"

5. Which Doctor is your favourite?


6. Which Doctor is your least favourite?

I've only really watched Nine and Ten, so by process of elimination, it'd be Ten, but I do love Ten.

7. Which TV companion is your favourite?

Donna Noble. (Rose is a close second.)

8. Which TV companion is your least favourite?

Of the main three from new Who: Martha Jones. From any of the characters who traveled more than once with the Doctor in new Who: Jack Harkness.

9. Do you listen to the Big Finish audios?


9a. If so, which is your favourite?

9b. Also: which Big Finish companion is your favourite?

10. Have you listened to any non-Big Finish audios?

11. Have you read any of the novels or short stories?
I just read The Stone Rose and Winner Takes All -- both by Jacqueline Raynor.

11a. Have you written any of the novels or short stories?

11b. Which is your favourite?
Winner Takes All was wonderful; fabulous plot, completely in character, Raynor is OBVIOUSLY an Eccleston/Nine fan and I actually found it more shippy overall than TSR (although, TSR had two aspects that were ridicously squee-worth shippy).

12. Have you read any of the comics?

13a. Which is your favourite?

14. Is there any particular episode/book/audio/comic you desperately want to watch/listen to/read?
I do want to read all of the Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose books and I may hit the Ten/Donna books as well.


1. Do you write fanfic for Doctor Who?
Not yet, but I am working on a short one.

1a. If so, post a snippet of a work-in-progress (or several)!
"The point is that as a full Time Lord, I never really felt an overwhelming desire to have sexual intercourse, not that I didn't think of doing so with you, because I did. But it wasn't about finding my own pleasured release. No, it was more about what kind of sounds would Rose make if I licked her here or there? Would she scream, or quietly moan? And then of course, your orgasmic pleasure would be from whence I derived my pleasure. But since it wasn't an urge, per se, with me being a Time Lord, I never really thought about it much beyond the abstract. But now, yes, I really do have the urge. I want to shag you senseless, right here, right now."
2. Do you make Dr/Rose icons?

2a. Let's see a sample!

3. Recommend a fanfic/icon/fanvid/fancomic/fancreation!
Were He Not Romeo -- butterfly just wrote this one and I absolutely ADORE it!

4. Have you been to any Doctor Who conventions?
Sorta. I went to Dragon*Con last August and there was a Who panel there. It was awful. They basically digged on RTD, Rose, the Dr/Rose relationship, all the while praising Moffat and Classic Who throughout the whole thing.

5. Have you ever dressed up as a Doctor Who character?

6. Do you own any Doctor Who merchandise?
The books, and I plan on buying more, as well as the series 1-4 DVDS and the CD.

7. Are you a fan of RTD?
ADORE HIM! Check out my icon! :)

7a. Steven Moffat?
ABHOR HIM! Check out this post! :(

7b. Paul Cornell?
He's wonderful and I would have been THRILLED were he the one picked to run Who after RTD left. ::sniffsnif::

8. What say you to Season 6b?

9. The UNIT dating controversy?
Double huh?

10. The Blinovitch Limitation effect?
I only think I know this because of other responses about "Father's Day." Uhm, I guess it makes sense?

11. Multi-Doctor episodes?
I'd KILL for a Nine/Ten episode. On the other hand, the sheer amount of squee I'd experience might likely kill me, but oh, what a way to go ...

12. What's your favourite Doctor Who technobabble?

13. Have you watched other TV shows exclusively because of the presence of Doctor Who actors?
Hell yes.

14. Have you met any of the actors?

14a. Traveled to any filming locations?

15. What do you think of The Curse of Fatal Death?
Erm, is that the radio thing with Richard E. Grant?! I, uhm, don't.

16. Do you have any fannish opinions that you think are fairly unpopular?
My utter disaffection with Moffat; thinking that Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper have better chemistry than David Tennant and Piper; I don't like Ten's hair in series 4; thinking Donna's ending in "Journey's End" was perfect. Oh, just read my Unpopular Opinions post.

17. What's your favourite pairing?
Doctor/Rose. ::Squishes them::

18. What pairing(s) won't you touch with a really long pole?
Doctor/anyone not Rose -- ESPECIALLY Doctor/Donna! They are BFFs and like brother-sister, anything romantic is just nasty! Rose/anyone not the Doctor.
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