Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I REALLY am a Doctor/Rose-girl ...

as in DOCTOR/Rose, not Nine/Rose, or Ten/Rose, but Doctor/Rose. I've never read Eight/Rose fic, etc., but I think I may now. Someone put up a lovely Eleven, Rose/TenII story, and of course, Rose while interested in Eleven, was all smooshy and devoted to TenII, and for Eleven, Rose was basically a beloved, but faded, memory. And it bothered me!!!! I wanted Rose to want to be with Eleven as much as TenII. BECAUSE THEY ARE BOTH THE DOCTOR, DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!

So, yeah, wow, I REALLY, REALLY am a Rose/Doctor girl. Doesn't matter the number, as long as it's Rose and it's the Doctor. I really thought that I was just for Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose because I'd seen Rose onscreen (as Rose) with Nine and Ten. But nope, I'm apparently for Rose and any Doctor, no matter the form.

I've decided that my perfect Rose/Doctor ending would never happen, but I know what it would be. Moffat is gone after series 5 (what? My fantasy!), Rusty comes back, and brings Billie with him for three Christmas specials (pre-series 6/between 6 and 7, post series 7) and two series (6/7). When Rose shows up, we find out that they were together for seven years, and then he was hit by a car, he didn't die immediately so there was time to talk. He tells her to go to the other him, somehow, find a way. He can only guess that Bad Wolf still has some power, because Rose as Bad Wolf saw all of this.

Rose gets through, meets up with the Doctor, that Xmas special, next series is them re-falling in love. Second xmas special, series seven, is much like series two in Doctor/Rose adventures. And since I'm sure Moffat will be introducing sex left and right, having the Doctor and Rose in a fully romantic relationship will seem chaste in comparison. And part of why TenII had to die as he did was so that he could give her his memories to give to Eleven and with Rose telling him so, the Doctor would finally get that while it was painful losing him to death, Rose wouldn't have given up those seven years because the love and happiness is worth the pain.

Finally, the Xmas special comes, and it ends with the two about to face some danger, the Doctor takes her hand, says "Run" and they run off into the distance. The End.

Series eight returns and it's revealed early on that it's been about fifty-sixty years, Rose was with the Doctor until she died and now he's alone, but at least he had a full life with her. And from that point on, because of his relationship with Rose, he can be content without the romance, bringing the Doctor back to the "asexual" way of pre-new-"Who" to make the fanboys, as well as the psycho Doctor/Rose shippers like myself who don't want to see him romantically with anyone else again, happy.

Yup, that's what I want to happen. Won't, but oh, 'twould be lovely. *Sigh*
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose

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