Arabian (arabian) wrote,

And the new Doctor is ........

Okay, BBC, you got me. I really thought it would be Paterson Joseph.

I am quite, quite amused that of all of the actors possible, they chose one who's worked with Billie Piper already! Hah!!! That's one of the Billie things I haven't watched yet, so I have no opinion on him. But, man, do I find it hilarious. I wonder if Moffat knows this? I mean, seriously, there WILL be people making Eleven/Rose fanvids because they'll have SOME "legitimate" material to work with. Hah!

Even better! I just checked and sure enough, he played the guy she had a night of non-paid-for sex with. HAH! Cracks me up! People could do some fabulous editing here to create an 11/Rose video. Oh, too funny.

I am glad it's not Paterson Joseph, even though I was pretty sure it was going to be him -- what the hell, BBC! Keeping it underwraps, for real?!?! -- For me, I'm sorry (a) he was Roderick! and (b) I've read that he's 44. Chris Eccleston was only 40 when he took over the role. So, younger is definitely better, but, erm, I would have imagined someone in their early 30's, not mid-20's. Okay.

I'm actually okay with the age. I would have preferred a bit older, but considering that David was only 34 or so when he started, and is close to 38, but yet appeared to age so much over the course of the four years, I can understand why they went for someone even younger.

I dunno, I imagine this will give Moffat the opportunity to sex him up left and right with some chick of the week thing. The only good thing about that is that if Moffat DOES do something like (or close to it), I think that WILL clearly, obviously wreck the show to the point that the BBC will realize they have to either get rid of Moffat or lose their show.

(Note: Remember, before you click the cut: Me = Not a Moffat fan.)

Tags: doctor who, tv

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