Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dexter -- all done watched!

Finally caught up and watched all of season 3 of Dexter.

Awesome. I think that this one may have actually been better than season one, it was that good. If not better, definitely as good. Jimmy Smits was AWESOME, and man Miguel was sooo in love with Dexter, LOL!, too bad he turned out to be more psychotic than Dexter. Interesting how the show always manages to create someone (and all three seasons it's been different) so much more psychotic-seeming than Dexter, so it's easy to continue to root for him. And heck, they had the Skinner also this season, giving us two psychos more psycho than Dex for the price of one.

Random thoughts ...

- As always, I love Rita, and Rita and Dexter.
- I liked the side love stories of Deborah, Angel and Vince.
- I felt so for Vince when no one when to his seminar. Poor, foul-mouthed Vince.
- I continue to be quite impressed with how absolutely brother-sister that Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter play Dexter and Deborah, considering they're dating in real life.
- Maria has somehow become one of my favorite characters.
- With that said, after Dexter, Angel is totally my favorite.

Good show. DAMN GOOD SHOW!
Tags: dexter, tv

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