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'The Calcium Kid' was sooooooooo adorable!

Seriously. Too adorable for words. I absolutely loved it; and it's the first thing I've seen Billie in other than Who and Secret Diary that I want to own* ... and she was barely in it. I actually believe that she had only four lines, maybe five, but I'm really thinking it was only four. Anyhoo, if you have Netflix, haven't watched this, don't mind non-overly-angsty movies and like Orlando Bloom ... WATCH THIS!!

For some reason I got this movie mixed up with another Who related movie with Bloom (Catherine's Tate's Love and Other Disasters) in which Bloom has a small part in and I hadn't heard much about Billie in this film either, so I thought 'eh, no rush.' Then I was looking through Billie pictures on google and this page popped up and I was like 'whoah! Billie and Orlando are a couple in this movie!?!?!?!?' I HAD to watch it, and upon reading the description more closely realized that Orly had to have a REALLY big part in it. He does.

Fortunately, I'm a pretty big Orlando Bloom fan (he's on my top ten favorite actors list and has been since the Ring Trilogy). I say 'fortunately,' because as mentioned above, Billie was *barely* in the film. B-A-R-E-L-Y! Still, when we see her, she's adorable. But, honestly, even without her, I would have loved this movie. It was just light and sweet; frothy and bubbly and full of sincerity and charm.

Also, I loved the fact that Bloom's character, Jimmy Connelly, was a genuinely sweet, lovely fellow. Just an absolute sweetheart and I so felt for him when the limited amount of angst hit. Although, showing the light touch the film had (under director, Alex De Rakoff, and screenplay by Rakoff and Derek Boyle), Jimmy has a hefty emotionally painful home life and history. Yet, the film is light without sugar-coating the reality of what Jimmy's gone through.

Finally, it's HYSTERICAL! I laughed SO HARD watching this movie; tellingly, I watched Tropic Thunder earlier today, and I laughed longer and harder through The Calcium Kid than I did during TT. There is profanity and very, very slight nudity (we see a shot of a page 3 girl in the paper), but really, at heart this is just a delightful, heart-warming film. The performances all-around were grand; as mentioned above, even though her scenes were brief, Billie was adorable, with the final scene being just an aww-worthy kicker! And Orlando Bloom himself was just lovely; I do find him an underrated actor, but here not surrounded by the big special effects or actors hamming it up, his understated naturalism, so sweetly on display here, is just perfect.

I *LOVED* this movie; it was an absolute delight!

* Sniff, sniff, and the damn thing's not available in the region1 format anywhere. WAH!!!!
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