Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Life' ... now that's more like it!

Watched Life tonight, the night it airs instead of a few days later for the first time in weeks. So happy I wasn't disappointed.

Seriously, THAT'S more like it! This is the show I fell in love with in season one. And perhaps I'm reaching and I'll be totally proven wrong in February 4 -- when the show returns -- but it DOES look like Reese's daddy issue may have something to do with her and Tidwell. I sure hope so because that's been my biggest complaint this season, and if they can make it part of Dani's complex issues and have the second half of the season hitting on that, I'll be thrilled.

- Loved the fact that once Reese went to Crews' house, she kept on coming back, LOL!

- Jessy Schram annoyed MUCH less than she has all season long. Good.

- So we finally meet Daddy Crews ... and Crews Junior shoots him.

- So glad Charlie was able to make Ted's prison stay easier.

- Man, Garret Dillahunt is SO damn good. Really he is.

- Hey! It's Tessa Thompson!!!!

- Damian Lewis is hot. My only complaint re: Damian Lewis and his hotness in this episode is that when he was on "admin duty" and went to Roman's club the first time, he so should not have been in his suit, but instead wearing a button-down shirt, shirttails lose, and in jeans. Tight jeans. Yup, that's my complaint.

- Finally, that ending! I did NOT expect Crews to be shot. I did not, I did not, I did NOT! Talk about unexpected. So did he briefly die? And if so, does that mean when he dies, he's just going to wind back up in prison for the afterlife? Or was that purgatory? Or was that his subconscious just creating hell after earth when thinking death is imminent? I sure hope it's the last one there.

Anyhoo, good, good episode. That's the show I fell in love with. Keep up with that, show. Pretty, pretty please.
Tags: damian lewis, life, tv

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