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Monday night CBS block of the funny!

Dead-tired so I only watched The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother tonight, but both were worth it.

Behind the cut ...

The Big Bang Theory

Loving the whole Sheldon/Penny potential, but yeah, I know likely won't happen vibe, but still I didn't have a problem with the Penny/Leonard stuff in this episode because I sadly just accept that it's likely to be a pervasive thread in the series for quite some time. And I thought this episode was HILARIOUS. I was laughing so hard ...

- The Superman discussion and how the other three were so bothered by Sheldon's lack of "rationalism." HAHAHA!

- The end of the opening tag: "What? You've never seen a hypocrite before?"

- Leonard's repeated "My leg is hurting really badly; thanks for asking." Poor Leonard.

As for Sheldon and Penny, there were some great things there ...

1. I loved Sheldon's saying it was his fault she got him a gift because he's such "an endearing and important part of her life." HAH!

2. Yes, the ep was big on Penny/Leonard, but I thought it interesting that they basically got each other gag gifts, while Sheldon and Penny each really put some thought into the gifts they got each other. Clearly Penny saw Leonard Nimoy at TCF and thought of SHELDON! to ask for that gift. And, obviously, Sheldon put a lot of thought into the gift for Penny ... even if it was about reciprocity.

3. Speaking of that care ... again, with the Sheldon acknowledging the sexual side of things in relation to Penny. I admit that when I saw that part about Sheldon talking to the sales lady in the preview clips, I thought that it was based on some raunchy comment that Howard made, and thus not *from* Sheldon re: Penny. However, it was all from Sheldon's point of view, and the supposedly asexual Sheldon brought up "lovers" as a potential relationship gift association ... with regards to Penny.

Uh huh!

3. Finally, the gift-giving itself. Sheldon's reaction to the napkin was awesome, that Penny could so score perfectly her first gift to him, I adored. And Sheldon bringing ALL of those gift baskets out, Penny's reaction that was filled with a happy, 'oh, Sheldon!' quality, and of course, THE HUG. It, in and of itself, was great, but I also loved that Sheldon considered giving a hug such a tremendous gift.

Oh, Sheldon.

Hah, loved this episode.

ETA: I loved how CBS did such a GREAT tie-in during the show. I may hate the ads, but I got to give them credit for the timing of this one. Right after Sheldon got the Nimoy napkin, and Penny went to sit down for she and Leonard to exchange gifts, an ad popped up for buying Star Trek-related items at some cbs/star trek website, LOL!

Oh, and Sheldon's comment about bears being terrifying. I take that to mean that either Sheldon and Stephen Colbert have something in common, Sheldon watches The Colbert Report or someone on staff sees similarities between Sheldon and Colbert, LOL! Either way, it's made of win!

How I Met Your Mother

I didn't think this episode was particularly hysterical, but it had some good solid laughs. Plus, I was delightfully surprised that it didn't turn out that Barney and Heather actually DID sleep together. Go Barney! Speaking of ... damn, how did they get some of those lyrics and double entendres at the bar past S&P?!?! Hah!

Going back to my first comment about tonight's episode, I must amend it. I didn't think it was particularly hysterical until I heard Marshall's song choice. And then I lost it! That? was hysterical!!!

Oh, and must be said ... there may have been no BrOtp, but shirtless NPH is ALWAYS a good thing and makes up for just about anything else missing.
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