Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Jeff Probst is an ass!

The Survivor reunion show isn't done yet, but I gotta go to bed soon, so just a quick few things about the results ...

- I'm glad Bob won, but I'm REALLY pissed that Sugar didn't get one FLIPPING vote, ugh, horrible jury. Though to be fair, Sugar clearly didn't think she had a shot in hell and didn't even try and sway anybody. I think she could have gotten a few votes had she actually thought she had a chance, oh well.

- Aww, one of my early wishes would be that Sugar and Bob would have an alliance, and in the end, they did. Again, the reunion show isn't done, but I hope Bob says SOMETHING good about Sugar, considering that she basically handed him the million.

- Where did Kenny's whole "you broke my heart, Sugar" come from!?! Boy, did we miss that in the editing!

- Corrine is an evil bitch. I'm sorry, I lost my mother seven years ago and it STILL hurts, and at the time of the final TC, Sugar had lost her dad about six month ago. Corrine is just despicable. Utterly despicable. I don't know how she sleeps at night. She deserved that finger; she deserved worse.

- Finally, frickin' Jeff Probst!! What the hell?!?! That is NOT what Sugar said, asswipe! She did NOT say that she was a "superstar," she said that she couldn't leave the house without make-up on because people blogged about how she looked. And then when Jeff pulled that crack out of his ass, she pointed out, you gave my license plate # -- which the show DID!. Then he compounds his assiness by saying that Sugar said she needed a papparazzi bodyguard. She did NOT say that! She said, TWICE, she needed to wear makeup implying that people recognized her car (not her, but her car) and if she wasn't wearing makeup some likely said she didn't look good. She's a model/actress, it's important she look good.

Jeff is an ass.

But yay, Bob, and I'm glad Sugar made it the final TC at least.

I might have more to add when I watch the rest.
Tags: sugar, survivor, tv

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