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FIC: This Thing Called Like

Title: This Thing Called Like
Series: Life on Mars: Sunny Side Up, 3
Word Count: 2,208
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through Season 1, from there it veers off into never-happen-on-the-show-happy AU.
Disclaimer: I don’t own. Rob Thomas, UPN, they own.
Summary: Logan discovers that he is liked. Really liked.
Notes: This is softer, a bit more reflective and (unlike the others) in both Veronica and Logan’s heads to a degree. But it’s got the same happy glow feeling. Thanks to the wonderful Holly, Kammi, Elisa and Amy for the betas. You guys seriously rock.

The sun was shining and golden rays bathed the stained glass windows of Mars Investigations in a vaguely religious light. Sitting on the corner of her desk, Veronica didn’t exactly feel like communing with God, especially with her dripping-with-sex-appeal boyfriend playing in her swivel chair with such intense concentration. How such utter adorableness could be so damn sexy she still hadn’t figured out, but it was a riddle she was having a ball investigating. Sighing, she glanced over her shoulder at the file sitting a hand’s reach away. Unlike the ‘allegedly’ cheating spouse she was supposed to be investigating. My God, she thought, was there one husband in Neptune who didn’t plow a female not his wife?

Heh, maybe this one will be innocent, she mused to herself. This thought was followed by a quick headshake, her blond hair billowing about her face and capturing the sun’s light. Aforementioned sex-on-a-stick boyfriend ceased his swiveling for a moment to gaze at her, really liking what he saw. Watching her, Logan felt a small smile tug at the corners of his lips as he resumed the turning to the left and then the right of her chair. And left and right and left, right, left, right. Letting out a big sigh, he mumbled to himself, “this isn’t working for me anymore.” He was bored; Veronica was ignoring him. Beautiful, but ignoring him. And that would just have to change, Logan decided.

“Not the beautiful part,” he muttered aloud, earning him a cocked eyebrow from aforementioned beautiful blonde. And then just like that, her attention scampered away again as her body twisted, her arm reaching out to grab some stupid case file. And then just like that, he grinned. Taking advantage of his much longer arms, he snatched the report away just before her fingers touched it and he placed it on the other side of her cluttered space. “Aha!” he roared in triumph as she turned around to face him head-on. “Mission accomplished.”

Veronica gave him an annoyed glare that held very little heat despite his provocation; an unspoken "Logan" hung in the air with exasperation. His eyes lit up in feigned innocence. "Just a moment of spontaneity, sweetcakes." Turning her back on him, she hopped off of the desk, intending to walk around and grab the damn file. However, just as she was about to take the necessary step, Logan swiveled the chair in her direction again so that he was facing her and shot a long leg out. She ignored his movements and attempted to step over said long leg ... until his arm swooped out and about her waist and he pulled her onto his lap. “Logan!" was spoken this time and with more than just exasperation, still there was a hint of mirth there as well. He really was just so damn adorable. Veronica turned and looked at him. And sexy. His smile widened to a grin. Very sexy.

She let out a slight exhalation of breath and settled against him more comfortably. "And if my dad were to walk out of his office?” Turning slightly in his lap to face him, she raised an eyebrow.

As if seriously pondering her question, he raised a finger to the corner of his mouth and then nodded firmly as if reaching a conclusion. With an exaggerated sigh, he met her gaze. “I’ll just have to enthrall him with my considerable charm so that his blood pressure doesn’t shoot through the roof.” The grin returned in full, blinding force. “And if that doesn't work, there's always my red-hot sex appeal.”

Her eyebrow rose a smidgen higher, even as inwardly she was nodding in enthusiastic agreement.

Removing his arm from around her waist, Logan spread both arms wide. “Hey, maybe he'll even want to take a ride on the Logan Express.”

“Eww. That's my father and, just eww.” Veronica grimaced at the thought, and Logan merely grinned wickedly. “What am I going to do with you?” She asked, a hint of Southern belle slipping into her voice. The grin now danced merrily in his gaze and he blew her a kiss. Veronica shook her head with a smile and then began to pull away -- that cheating spouse wasn't going to spy on himself -- but Logan's arm once more tightened around her waist and with a sigh of capitulation, she leaned back against him. I guess cheating spouse was supposed to spy on himself, she mused contentedly. Settling against him comfortably, she sighed. “Fine. Now that you have me here, oh spontaneous one, what are you going to do with me?"

His fingers began a circular dance on the small of her back as his grin softened into a reflective smile, rather than the lascivious one that she had expected. But she shouldn’t have been surprised. Veronica had begun to notice that whenever she was in his arms (and not in a frisky way), a softness seemed to settle over his entire frame, his eyes, his voice, his smile. It made her happy. Looking into her gaze, he tilted his head just the slightest and his voice, as predicted, was hushed with a peaceful contentment. "That's the problem with spontaneity. It's so spontaneous that it just goes as quickly as it comes."

She nodded and squirmed slightly. Nice moment, but cheating spouses it was. "So, let me go." She waited for his fingers to cease their dance then and his arm to unwrap itself from around her body. They and it did not. She turned away from his gently smiling face and looked down at the slight drumming of the fingers of his left hand upon the arm of the chair. “Logan --“ she tried again, but stopped when he leaned towards her, his nose hovering just below the line of her hair, almost touching the skin of her neck. She stilled and her breath was held suspended as his finger dance at last reached a close. His arm tightened slightly about her waist and whatever she’d been about to say was gone with the wind.

"You smell good. You always smell good. What perfume do you use?" He all but whispered in a slightly husky voice. Her eyes shut briefly and she sought her suddenly scattered wits.

"Perfume?" she managed to squeak out. He so should not still be affecting her like this, she managed to barely think even as her breath suddenly came up short. She’d been in his arms, sat in his lap, felt his breath upon her -- and much more -- countless times.

"Yeah," he breathed against her neck, his nose now brushing along the sensitive skin and logical or not, she was about to melt into a puddle of yum at the feelings he absolutely managed to stir in her -- passage of time, familiarity be damned. Veronica could hear him inhaling deeply, feel the movement in his body beneath her and a heavy pleasure continued to spread throughout her.

"Beautiful by Estee Lauder." She responded in a shaky voice, trying desperately to remember where they were and who was in the next room. Arching her neck slightly away from his burrowing nose and the soft, heated breaths that were kissing her neck, she tried for reason once more. "Logan?"

"Hmm?" he murmured as his other arm fell from the chair and those fingers began a second dance. And once again gone with the wind, all thoughts scattered. A low whimper escaped past her parted lips as his fingers rose, gliding towards her neck. Softly, slowly with a butterfly-wing of a touch, his fingers slid up and down the pale column of her skin, swaying over to and across the slight swallow that worked her throat.

"Your skin is so soft," he continued in that same quiet murmur. His voice was a gentle rustling, like a sea breeze rushing over her and she liked. Very much so. Sighing, her chest rose and fell with an increasing speed. Veronica cleared her throat, so entranced by his voice, his touch, his warm breath on her that her always-ready-quip wasn’t on-spot.

"I stay out of the sun. The sun really tends to dry my skin out. I really should use moisturizer more often, but sometimes I'm just so tired I forget or don't care, but it's staying out of the sun that really does the most good." Instead, she was babbling. And sounding like a moron. And it was all Logan’s fault because he felt so good, sounded so good. Her eyes slowly opened and she was thisclose to his softly smiling face. And he looked so good. “Damnit, Logan,” she murmured.

"Your hair smells wonderful." He continued his mundane conversation, the one she managed to remind herself that she was participating in. Veronica’s eyes drifted back close as she felt his breath, and a slight moistness against the outer shell of her ear as his nose and his breath pushed aside her hair.

"Thank you," she whispered, wondering why she wasn't just pulling away from him. Because this feels so good, she told herself, he feels so good. But ... dad, gun, next room. A soft kiss placed on the skin behind her ear. So, so good. He continued his journey down the side of her throat and just as his lips pressed on the spot where her neck and shoulders met -- yes, she almost purred with an inner moan, that spot -- an all-too familiar, over the top throat clearing managed to insert its way into her sensual reverie.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you my teenage daughter and don’t I have a gun in my office?” The air was heavy as Logan sat frozen and Veronica wished she could sink into the floor. And burst into flames, she added mentally, as Logan -- apparently not so frozen after all – smiled against her skin and placed another kiss right there! “Logan.” Papa Mars added vocally upon clearly not missing her boyfriend’s action.

Realizing that now was probably the time to get off of Logan’s lap, since thirty seconds ago was impossible, Veronica began to squirm. Logan loosened his arms, but did not release her. With a sigh, bordering on irritation, she glanced over her shoulder at her father with a shaky smile. Forcibly removing herself from his embrace, Veronica got to her feet, facing Keith staunchly and was surprised to find that his expression held amusement rather than anger. “Heya, Keith!” Logan offered with a big smile.

“Mr. Mars,” he responded automatically without heat as he turned his attention back to Veronica. “This is an office and I expect better from you,” he wagged a finger at his daughter before looking over and shooting Logan an -- OHMYGOD! -- was that an amused glance? “And you ...”

Logan began rotating the chair in both directions again, looking not at all like a seventeen year old boy who had just been caught making out with his girlfriend by her father. The former sheriff. Who owned a gun and had it handy less than six feet away. “Yesss,” he drawled, almost languidly and sent a lazy smile in Keith’s direction, “Mr. Mars.”

“Believe me when I say this from the very depth of my heart and soul,” he began and Veronica shook her head, a sense of the surreal taking hold. That was definitely amusement on her father’s face. Definitely. “I do not now, nor will I ever, desire to take a ride on,” and here he paused, the expression on his face one akin to sucking lemons, “the Logan Express.”

Veronica’s mouth dropped open. “Flies, dear,” Keith offered absent-mindedly while her boyfriend grinned and patted his lap invitingly.

“Aw shucks, sir, and here I was thinking you were starting to like me,” Logan lamented, a touch of old school cowboy accenting his words. Keith shook his head and with a laugh turned and headed back into his office; Logan called out before the door was shut. “Oh come on, admit it now, you DO like me! You only mentioned your gun once!” Another bark of laughter sounded from the other room and Logan turned to Veronica with a wide grin. Clapping his hands together with glee, he pressed them against his heart and did his best Sally Field impersonation. “He likes me. He really likes me.”

A look of bemusement on her face, Veronica moved close to her boyfriend again. Bending down, she gave him a soft kiss. “He does. He really does.”

Logan surprised her then by pushing her away and reaching for the file he had kept from her earlier. “Now, now, you heard the man: No funny business. There are cheating spouses to catch.” He clicked his tongue at her as she grabbed the folder from him. “Honestly, Veronica. You’d think you could keep your hands off of me for five seconds.”

Too happy in that moment to even feign anger, she could only smile at him, knowing that the same joy and contentment she had seen on his face earlier was reflected on hers now. “No,” she told him, “I just don’t think I can.”

A flash of surprise lit his eyes and then a sweet burst of happiness. “Good.” He grinned. “Just don’t tell your dad.” His voice dropped to an exaggerated whisper, “He might get jealous.” One more pause with a wink in the direction of Keith’s office. “He likes me --“

“He really likes you,” she finished with a smile.

The End
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