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Ozzy, step over ....

Another great episode of Survivor; this has turned out to be a fabulous season. I think that because I pretty much have loved Sugar and Bob from episode one, I've enjoyed it all, even the early part that some found boring.

Anyhoo, thoughts on tonight's episode ... Oh, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, how do I love thee!!?!? Seriously, I adored Ozzy, but a part of that was the whole shallow lust factor (watching him in water challenges was a thing of beauty). I just think that Sugar is FRICKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!! (Even if she sucks at challenges for the most part, LOL!) I just hope that people recognize how huge a strategist she's been in this game. I mean, I think the most obvious proof of how well she's playing this is how she vs. Kenny acted at Tribal.

Kenny was just laying it on so think about being an outcast, it was ridiculously transparent. And then you have Sugar doing her sweet-little-act about the hidden Immunity Idol, I thought she still might play it, and you know that pretty much everyone there thought she would as well. And then at the last moment, "Matty, take this cursed thing away." I. LOVED. IT! And boom! She just changed the game. She completely strategized that ENTIRE vote tonight. She got everyone turned around and did it quietly and subtly and got it DONE! I would have preferred Kenny over Crystal, but considering how Crystal treated Matty -- and that being what pushed Sugar to make this move, I understand why they targeted her instead.

And maybe I'm a hopeless Sugar fan, but I completely believed her spiel to Bob because she HAS to know that if she makes the final three (or two) going up against (most likely) Bob and/or Matty now in the final three, she has no shot of winning. She can try and convince the jury by pointing out all of her brilliant maneuvers, and the fact that for the first time in the history of Survivor, the HII was actually used in a compelling, game-changing, unexpected way at its last possible opportunity. But I'm not holding my breath. Still, I hope she at least wins fan favorite. She deserves something for playing such a great game. She is just awesome!


About the rest of the episode ...

- I was CRACKING up over Crystal and Jeff's commentary about Crystal during the immunity challenge. Oh, Crystal, and then when Susie couldn't find her way back onto the course? Hysterical!

- Cool reward.

- SO glad that Sugar went back to the pigtails, much cuter.

- Why was Corrine crowing about what was clearly a Sugar strategy move? Corrine hates Sugar. Whatever, Corrine, just whatever.

ETA: Aww, I was reading my earlier Survivor entries, and only a few episodes in, I wrote this:
I think Survivor's doing good so far this year; I like it. My faves are Bob, Sugar and Matty
And those three have an excellent chance of making it to final three. If they do, this'd be the BEST Survivor finale ever because while I want Sugar to win (obviously, LOL!), I would genuinely be happy with any of these three winning -- although, I'd prefer Bob over Matty as Bob HAS been pro-active. Still, I'd be happy with either of these three winning; I hope they are the final three. 'Twould be awesome!

ETA again ... heh, reading more and in my next entry I continued to love Sugar and Bob, but Matty made my list by bitching about Sugar after a challenge. Ah well, I forgive you, Matty. I love you again.
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